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Nurse Patient Relationship

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The Nurse-Patient Relationship

In this essay, I plan to explore the concepts of the “nurse-patient relationship” using the necessary literature to back up my findings. I have chosen to study this concept because I am interested in discovering what makes a successful, or indeed, an unsuccessful nurse-patient relationship, as I believe the relationship between nurse and patient to be an integral part of nursing.

The main focus of my essay will be around the works of Hildegard Peplau, but I plan to incorporate other theorists, such as Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow, comparing and contrasting their approaches as well as drawing on my own practical experiences out on placement.

Before beginning, it is important to understand what a “concept” is. This is so as to fully understand what the essay question is asking. According to Arnold and Underman Boggs (1999), a concept is a series of:-
“Broad comprehensive ideas that serve as building blocks to present key ideas that make up models in a logical and focused manner” (p552).

Concepts are very important in nursing and it is important that we understand why in order to integrate them into our practice. Nursing is now considered to be an “evidence-based” profession and one that changes constantly as new and fresh ideas are embraced. These ideas are formed through theories which, in turn, are formed through concepts.

A fundamental part of the nurse’s role is to maintain confidentiality, and student nurses are no different. Any information included in essays, assignments or coursework should be made anonymous. People, that is, patients, staff, relatives and carers and clinical placement providers should not be named, directly or otherwise (NMC, 2010).

Hildegard Peplau said that there are four phases to the nurse-patient relationship, (Peplau, 1988). She states that they are four clearly discernable phases that…...

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