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The forthcoming model of the skyscraper is the combination of three attributes: 1.the reproduction of the site (seen in Flatiron Building). 2. The introduction of a tower (Metropolitan Life Building). 3. The occupancy of the whole block (the Madison Square Garden). All the three form of building have their own drawbacks: the multiplication lacks meaning, the tower has meaning but its intention of isolation is compromised by the its location, which is just a small plot in one single block, and the sole occupancy of the whole block, like the Madison Square Garden cannot make enough money to support itself. But when the three ally with each other, the tower lends meaning to the multiplication, the multiplication pays for the metaphors on the ground floor, and the conquest of the block assures the tower isolation as sole occupant of its land. This is the combination of three types of building. And this combination is supposed to be capable of accommodating different functions, making the whole as a self-contained universe. An application and exemplification of Rossi’s typology.
The combination of the three thus becomes an “automonument” which establishes its monumentality out of its sheer volume rather than any conventional symbolism. But there is a controversy between its monumentality and its mission to accommodate living, which is anti-monumental.
Architectural Lobotomy: The separation of exterior and interior. Two different architecture inside and outside the building (eg. Murray’s Roman Garden). The fantastic inside (using the most modern technology to achieve a shift in metropolitan culture) supplants the utilitarian (the grid system) once pervasive in Manhattan. An inconspicuous revolution takes place in the obstinate traditional urban landscape (the grid). Different stories happen in the standardized urban field.

The Skyscraper Theorists
Hugh Ferriss’ charcoal renderings of the skyscrapers focus solely on mass, but not the details. So he becomes a surreptitious corrector of Manhattan Skyscrapers under his dream of turning New York into a new Athens. He then decodes the 1916 Zoning Law and creates a prototype for skyscrapers.
Unconscious phase to quasi-conscious phase.…...

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