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Nice Guys Don't Always Lose

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Everyone has heard the saying; “nice guys always finish last,” at least once in their lifetime. Although it is commonly said, it doesn’t mean it’s correct; just because a person happens to be nice and a good moral person doesn’t mean they can’t lead a successful life. A general misconception is that it takes greed and selfishness in order to become wealthy, but that just isn’t so. It can be seen throughout society quite easily that one can be a first-class citizen without having to dive into the dark side, so easy that all one has to do is to drive through my cul-de-sac and meet my neighbors to see how wealth and a moral life are not mutually exclusive. One person that practically everyone in the world knows, has been keeping up with his morals while becoming one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates. Bill Gates, or most wealthy people should feel a strong obligation to give and sacrifice even just a small part of their wealth to those who happen to be less fortunate. I have been able to see from personal experience, how wealthy people are able to contribute to society in a positive manner. Livermore California is a suburban town in the San Francisco Bay Area and is my home. Through living here, I have been able to witness how the wealthy go about their lives. My father, Gregory, has been able to build himself a fair amount of wealth yet he has never broken the law, taken advantage of people or been greedy. Before we dive into Gregory’s moral accolades its necessary to define moral. According to“of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong” is what moral is. Greg is a terrific example of positive morals as he has given plenty of money to several colleges and food banks throughout the area as well as donated his blood several times yet, he is able to be a…...

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