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journal #7 June 1st I was in Neuro ICU. This had to of been one of the most interesting floor I’ve ever been on just because the brain is very unpredictable. My nurse gave me a run down of the patients we were going to have. First thing we did was take vitals and reposition them. Since most of the docs. come by early we went through labs and pointed out which were of concern. One of the patients had all po meds but he was intubated so we ordered an NGtube. He also had no urine output because his kidneys where shot. The other patient was waiting for surgery to be scheduled he was pretty alert at times but at other times he was confused my nurse spent a good part of the morning trying to figure out who was next of kin. Since I didn’t have much going on with my patients I was called over to help change a patient that was detoxing from alcohol. It was really interesting because this patient was so out of it and thrashing around even with restraints she was very combative. Every so often I was called over to watch the patient while the nurse went to see her other patient. I also got to see a PICC line getting pulled. I thought the day went very well. The nurses all seemed very receptive to students and wanted to teach us wither or not they were our nurse or not. I liked that I was able to see new things.I also liked how they all helped each other out it seemed like a great place to…...

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