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Netw410 Week 1 Lab

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NETW410 Week 1 Lab Report

Your Name

NETW410 Professor Douglas Romans

Current Date 1/10/2016

Lab #1, Introduction to Visio

Lab Report: (70 points)

Place the answers below the questions using a red-colored font.

Answer in college-level sentences with proper grammar and spelling. Answer each part of the question for full credit.

Question 1 (3 points)
What is your experience with the Visio software? Have you used it before or is it your first experience with Visio? I do have some experience with Visio but it is extremely limited. At my internship my boss instructed me to make modifications of a Visio document that mapped out our entire building. That’s the extent of my Visio experience outside of installation.
Question 2 (3 points)
How did you access Visio? How do you feel about the different access methods?
Luckily I already had Visio installed on my computer so I used the desktop application.
Question 3 (3 points)
What version of Visio did you use for this lab?
As previously stated I have Visio installed on my computer, it’s Visio Professional 2013.
Question 4 (3 points)
What file extension does your version of Visio use? Does Visio support other extensions?
My version of Visio saves in .vsdx file format.
Question 5 (6 points: 3 points for each screenshot and comment)
Use this website ( to find a diagram that you think has good points. Paste a screen shot of the diagram in your lab report and explain why you think it is good. (3 points) You must include a detailed explanation to get credit for this portion of the question.

Professor, the link you provided in this lab is not working so I went and found a diagram on my own from I chose this diagram as a good example despite that it’s very basic because it shows everything in the network. The entire layout of the network is shown and how all the hardware is connected. It shows the entrance of the network all the way to the end nodes.

Find another diagram from this site, or any other site, that you feel can be improved. Paste a screen shot in your lab report and explain what you think can be improved about the diagram. (3 points) You must include a detailed explanation to get credit for this portion of the question.
This example below is a bad network diagram. Although it includes a legend of how each piece of hardware interacts with each other it’s still no good. Ultimately this diagram is confusing. The network is not that complicated really, all it needs is a new lay out.

Question 6 (6 points)
What websites did you use to find Visio icons for networking. Which sites were most useful to you? Which ones did you like best in terms of icons available? Did you find others?
I may be a little biased here since I’m a huge fan of Cisco nonetheless. My favorite website for Visio icons is through Cisco. Cisco is the uncrowned king of networking so they have a plethora of icons to choose from. I really like the classic icons which oftentimes also include the interfaces of routers or switches. There’s an abundance of websites to obtain icons from, it simply depends on your needs and wants.
Here’s an example of one of my favorite icons:
Question 7 (6 points)
What is the difference between a logical network diagram and a physical network diagram? (1 point) When would you use each type? (1 point) A physical network diagram is exactly as the name implies, a diagram of the physical layout of the network. This is essentially a snapshot of the network in its current state. A logical network diagram, on the other hand, includes the addressing used within the network itself. This will display the IP addresses and subnet masks of each part of the network.

Use the Internet to find an example of a logical network diagram and paste a screenshot below, along with proper citation. (logical diagram and URL: 2 points)

Use the Internet to find an example of a physical network diagram and paste a screenshot below, along with proper citation. (physical diagram and URL: 2 points)

Question 8 (20 points)
Place a screen shot here of your first Visio diagram showing a building LAN below.

Question 9 (20 points)
Place a screen shot here of your second Visio diagram showing a relay rack below.

Don’t lose points for not turning in your visio file.
Place your Lab Report file AND your visio file into the Week 7 dropbox. (If the Original Visio file is not included, a 5 point deduction will be taken off your final grade for this Lab.)…...

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