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National Westminster Bank (St James Square Branch)

1. It was observed that the present scenario in the account opening has encountered delays which resulted to the negative feedback of the new customers who wish to open an account at Westminster Bank.

The causes of the delay are the procedures which are confusing to the customers. Enumerated below are the delays encountered by new customers:

* Customers fall in line at the Cashier Section * This process caused a long queue of customers that wants to open an account instead of going straight to the enquiry section that handles account opening

* Cashier refers the customer to the enquiry section * Without any signpost to guide the customers, cashiers serves as a guide to direct clients to the enquiry section. Thus this contributes the delays of the procedure

* Enquiry Section refers the customer to Records section * Another process that contributes to the delay since it does not commence the actual opening of the account.

* Records section follows a long checklist before account opening * This process seem helpful in curbing defaulters however, having a long list of checklist may seem a little awkward in a sense that the bank do not trust the new customer. Moreover, it took an hour to finish the checklist consequently causes a delay.

* Delivery of Print Cheque Book, etc * This process wherein the delivery would take 10 days and based on the case it often exceeds its delivery time.
Based on the analysis, the case encounters problems with staffing, allocation and organization procedures, job design, process improvement / process layout which resulted to customer dissatisfaction. 2. In order to address the cause of delays, revision of the procedures must be utmost priority to lessen or to…...

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