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Dear Business Associates ,

We are pleased to announce Scheme for our Associated DEALERS as following.

|S No | |Dealers Scheme |
| |Sale |Gift |
|1 |50000 |Bryn or FOC of same amount |
|2 |100000 |Ira+Bryn or FOC of Same amount |
|3 |150000 | Toque + Maxima/FOC of same amount |
|4 |200000 |2 pc Toque / FOC for same amount |

Terms and Conditions:-

• Scheme period is valid from 1 st March 2013 to 30 th March 2013 .

• Scheme is valid on Basic value without Tax .

• All Peacock authorized retailers are eligible to participate in the scheme.

• Clubbing of scheme to achieve the scheme is not allowed (i.e. billing to 1 party of higher amount, divided in 2 parties to make one more party qualify); any such attempt if come in to PHAPL knowledge scheme for retailer shall be forfeited.

• Distributors need to provide dealer-wise, market-wise secondary sales data.

• PHAPL Payments should come strictly in stipulated period defined to the party for eligibility for the scheme .

• Scheme is strictly non en-cashable, in case a dealer does not want to avail the scheme he is entitled for FOC material for the given value. No CN will be given for the same

• PHAPL reserves the right to change/modify the terms of scheme.

Note: All qualified dealer list must be forwarded by Distributors by 7 th April 2013 along with their Invoice copy . After 7 th April, 2013 company will not entertain any claim by the Distributors or Dealer.

Best Regards,

Mohit Sharma ( Director )

For Peacock Home Appliances Pvt. Ltd.,…...

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