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My Mommas a Dumbass

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John Winston Lennon was born October 9th 1940, at the Oxford Street Maternity Hospital in Liverpool. As a child he was cared for by his aunt and uncle. Since as a child his father left home being away at sea. In 1945 he attended school at Dovedale Primary. During his years of schooling he decides that in 1957 he wanted to make a band called “The Quarry men” which included 16 year old Paul McCartney and 15 year old George Harrison. In 1958 Johns Mother was hit by a car by an unlicensed driver. However August 12th John, Paul, George and Stuart were joined by Pete best and set off for performances in the nightclubs of Hamburg, Germany. Under the new name, The Beatles. When they return Stuart stayed behind but as they kept on playing the bigger they grew. Under new management, Pete best being replaces by Ringo Starr, John married long-term girlfriend Cynthia Powell. They finally get on TV as their first regional television Appearance. October 5th their two first original songs “Love me do” backed with “PS I love you.” Reaching top 20 it was the first of Beatlemania. The start of a crazier life for John Lennon which is why this book was created so you can see how his personal life was out of his crazy short life.
John lived his life as a father and a peace maker. John released two books “In his own write” and “A Spaniard in the making” with two movies which The Beatles star in “Help!” and “A Hard day’s work.” In 1966The Beatles make Sgt. Pepper’s lonely heart. John spent most of his time smoking cannabis, doing LSD, and being distant from Cynthia. Then on November 9th he meets conceptual artist Yoko Ono and has an affair with her. Cynthia calls for a divorce and sues John. He makes singles with Yoko Ono during the time. He also he fought for peace against the war. He felt the world was being killed by war and the society was going down with it so be became an…...

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