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My First Teacher

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Anthony Gonzales
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My First Teacher There are many opportunities in everyone's life, the opportunities of success are different to everyone, but are similar the chance of success is only for those who are prepared. There is a calm wisdom in this old saying that impressed me when I heard it first from a person as I know. You may never know that you are my first teacher since I came to work in society and you may neither understand what an important role you played in my career life, Miss Li. Miss Li, she was my first grade Chinese class's teacher, and I remember her is a slim, pretty and tall young woman. Miss Li is just a very easy person to get to know, and she is very competent and industrious. That is why she has had many friends. Specially, her profound knowledge about natural science and life experience is always an interesting story to tell. That is the lesson I take from all of this, and no matter how negative a situation is, I can find the good one get into it. When I was in third grade, before the final exam, I always planned to do many things in my vacation, but I have never finished either of plans. When the last month for the final exam, but I still hang out with my friends on the football field. Seeing that the final exam is approaching, Miss Li was looking at the eyes, anxious heart. One day, Miss Li asks us "Hi kids, are your ready for the examination?" "Yes, of course!" we answer that so quickly because just order to deal with her, and we do nothing about it. Who would have thought that she want to give us the final simulation assessment and smile say" you guy assurances of faith in this case, so let's hit the examination right now, ok?” We were all kind of deflated when heard this bad news. The class was very quiet except the writing sound. The time goes fly, I finished it as fast as I can but I know that…...

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