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Multivariate Analysis

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Multivariate Analysis of Bike Sharing Demand



Srikanth Pisipati


Lavina Choudhary

1. What is Bike Sharing System?
It is a means of renting the bicycles where the process of renting, returning and membership is an automated process using a network of kiosk location throughout a city. So a person can rent a bike from one location and can return it to different location.
2. Introduction/Objectives:
Bike sharing data is a huge data used to do a research and predict the demand in future based on different attributed like wind speed, hour, peak time, humidity, temperature, season, holiday, working day. And, it is important to analyze so as to understand the duration of travel departure location, arrival location of different places. So, for the same we are using the bike share data with historical patterns in the Capital Bike share program in Washington, D.C.
3. Data Analysis/ explanation of data set:
We are taking hourly data over the span of 2years .Then we split the data into 2 sets: Training data set which comprises of 10000 records and Testing Data set comprises of 6000 records.
Training Data set: It is comprised of 1-19th days of each month
Testing Data set: It is comprised of 19th to end of month
So, we will predict the total bike demand in training data set for each hour and then we will test it on the testing data.

4. Attribute Explanation:
Date time

hourly date + timestamp

Continuous Variable


1 = spring, 2 = summer, 3 = fall, 4 = winter

Categorical Variable


whether the day is considered a holiday whether the day is neither a weekend nor holiday

Categorical Variable

Working day

Categorical Variable


1: Clear, Few clouds, Partly
Categorical Variable cloudy, Partly cloudy
2: Mist + Cloudy, Mist +
Broken clouds, Mist + Few clouds, Mist

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