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Multinational Management

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Multinational Management
Individual Case One
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Polish/Us Joint Venture

Question Two:

Using Hofstede’s and the 7d cultural dimensions models, some of the cultural differences I notices in this case was one Poland is a country of high uncertainty avoidance (93), compared to the United States (46). What this shows is why age is so much more valued to the Polish. Another thing that is Very high in Poland is their power distance society (68). This is referred to how power in the country is distributed and how people with no power accept this. Here in America we do not have very high because we are a democracy, this goes along with a critical difference with the 7d model is on internal control. Poland shows us with there score of 100 that they try their best to have total control of their country. While here we like more of a “go with the flow” type environment. The last thing that really stood out to me was Poland’s lower score in achievement dimension. This shows that in Poland people our judged more on their background then who they are, and what they do.

Question Five:
A few suggestions I would make to the U.S. expatriate mangers regarding their management styles is Respect, Respect, Respect a) For all the workers Americans and Polish. The Polish feel as if you are the bad guy already, provide them with example, support, and reason to change their minds.
b) By working with the Polish they will see how beneficial it is to work as a group or team. It will show them they are not alone results good or bad come from attitudes of all group/team…...

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