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Multicultural Buyer/Supplier Relationship: the Impact of Importance of Trust and Ease of Adaptation on Continuity.

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Multicultural buyer/supplier relationship: the impact of importance of trust and ease of adaptation on continuity. Multicultural buyer/supplier relationship: the impact of importance of trust and ease of adaptation on continuity.

Summary Abstract: 2 Introduction: 2 I) Theory: 3 Research question 3 II) Literature review: 3 Buyer-supplier relationship 3 Importance of trust 3 Adaptation 3 Continuity 4 Culture and buyer-supplier relationship 4 III) Hypothesis and conceptual framework 5 IV) Methodology 7 Research Design 7 Data Collection 7 Reliability and Validity analysis 8 Model significance and assumptions 9 V) Results 13 Hypothesis validation 15 VI) Limitations and further research: 16 Conclusions and managerial implications 18 Appendix 19 Survey: 19 References: 20

Multicultural buyer/supplier relationship: the impact of importance of trust and ease of adaptation on continuity.


In today’s globalized world, more and more companies are dealing with international partners or tends to integrate international territories in order to expand their business. Those companies have, thus, a strong need to understand the impact of cultural differences on the working relationships between key dyads in the business process. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of cultural differences on specific factors (Importance of trust, Ease of adaptation and continuity) that determine the efficiency of Buyer-supplier relationship. The theory will be tested with a survey distributed to international buyer and supplier chosen from our contacts and coming from different countries over the world. This study tends to prove that Cultural differences have an important negative impact on the ease of adaptation which then negatively affects the continuity of the relationship. However, our study…...

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