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Mr Moses Bockarie Beckhio

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Personal Details

Name: Moses Bockarie Beckhio
Contact Address: 41A Ascension Town, Road Freetown, Sierra Leone
Cell Phone: 076-404126/033404404
Nationality: Sierra Leonean
Marital Status: Married with two children
Language spoken: English, Krio, Mende and Kissi

Personal Profile: • Results orientated. • Leadership and influencing skills. • Attention to detail. • Handling critical issues. • Capable of making important and strategic decisions. • Problem solving. • Communication and interpersonal relations.

Skills & Attributes

Supply chain management
Budget management
Strong negotiating skills
Change management
Process management
Business acumen


Competencies: • Establishing effective operating policies, lean initiatives and processes. • Comprehensive understanding & experience of purchasing strategies and also inventory management. • Regularly achieving cost saving targets. • Resourceful and well organized. • Extensive knowledge of purchase order systems and related software. • Deep understanding of the principles of vendor management. • Ability to manage multiple priorities. • Excellent analytical, critical thinking and strategic skills.


2011 Certificate in Public Procurement Management, Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) University of Sierra Leone

2008 -2011 B.Sc. in Accounting & Finance- Institute of Advance Management and Technology affiliate with Njala University

2007-2008 ACCA-Part Qualified…...

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