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Employee Motivation in the Oil and Gas Industry
BUS610: Organizational Behavior
Instructor: Neil Mathur
November 18, 2013

This paper discusses several ways to motivate worker in the oil and gas industry. There are a lot of workers that are not motivated. Coming up with different hands on ideas and motivation strategies that will help workers come up with ideas that they would like to see be implemented will help the motivation strategies. In the oil and gas industry many workers are not motivated, not only in the field workers are in the corporate environment. The oil and gas industry is a very busy industry. We not only have to take everything serious, we have to be on top of everything daily. Motivation is not incorporated in this field. The oil and gas field need to have more workers that could come up with different idea that would involve the workers and make them eager to get more involved in the company. The reason we need this is because the morale in the company is down. Workers do communicate with each other, but they do not participate in other activity that goes on in the company. I believe it take the director and managers to boost up the morale in the company in order for the company motivation strategy to work. The upper management needs to show the worker how much they are appreciated and show them how much they are needed to run the company. The Maslow’s Hierarchy is one of the theories that describe the oil and gas industry. The Maslow’s Hierarchy “can be described as a satisfaction-progression model, that essence, an individual regularly experiences a need until it is regularly satisfied” (Baack, 2012). In the oil and gas industry, you do have the physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization theories, but not in all aspects as how Maslow’s Hierarchy describe it. The problem is social need, which in the Maslow’s Hierarchy theory the “social need include a sense of belonging, love, affectance, acceptance, and friendship” Baack, 2012). In the oil and gas industry you sometime do not have the sense of belonging, so with that it causes motivation in the industry to go down. When I say belonging, you want your opinion in the company to matter. You want the upper management to consider your thoughts and ideas. You do not want upper management to just come up with company and thoughts. Feeling about of a company is important. Being able to voice your opinions and idea on thing make one belong. Knowing you belong in a company let you know that you will always have a position or have a chance to move up. Belonging to me is one of the biggest factors in a workplace. You need to feel as if you are family and not just someone that works there. Motivation in a company make a person eager to want to company to work and look forward to learning and doing different things. I am one that chooses to motivate myself. I am a self-starter and like to challenge myself in every aspect in my job. Motivation not only starts with you, but it also has to start in the workplace.

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