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7. Interactive Session: Management: Virtual Meetings: Smart Management

7.1. What are the ways in which videoconferencing provides value to a business?
Would you consider it smart management? Explain your answer.

A Videoconference allows individuals at two or more locations to communicate simultaneously through two-way video and audio transmissions.
The ability to be in several places at once without leaving your office is the next frontier and driving business productivity. Though face-to-face interactions with your customers, partners and colleagues will never be replaced, the huge leaps in quality, availability, and ease-of-use make videoconferencing the closest thing to being there.
Increased Productivity Among your Customers and Teams
In today’s market, it’s not unusual to have satellite offices across the country, or even the globe. Most of these offices will communicate with phone calls, email, or instant messages. The lack of face-to-face communication can cause misunderstandings within your teams, and worse, can result in lost or nonexistent communication.
Improves Communication & Reinforce Relationships
During a videoconference you can see the facial expressions and body language of conference participants, leading to faster and more effective collaboration. These are both important aspects of communication that are lost with a basic telephone call. Allowing a CEO to hold a company-wide meeting in real time with offices across the globe makes employees feel closer to the home office.
Competitive Advantage Over Your Competition
There is no benefit for being second in bringing new products or ideas to market, and video communication creates and maintains competitive advantage for your…...

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