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Task 1







Re: Tech Upgrade Proposal

To: Mr. Kern

From: Me


I performed a SWOT analysis on the current AEnergy technology infrastructure. A SWOT analysis is a technique and opportunity for a thoughtful overview of where things are good and where things need improvement. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. I’ve reviewed our system for all four of the SWOT attributes to give the following summary and suggestions.



Secure: Our current system is secure. We use SSL authentications for all inbound data requests, VPN tunneling between sites and from outside the facilities, WPA encryption with MAC filtering for accessing wireless networks inside the facilities, physical access to the servers is available only to 4 key employees, and key cards are needed to access databases ensuring we know who it was that accessed it (Dooms, 2010).

Functional: Employees are able to access shared documents, applications, and each other in such a way that the individual worker is just as effective with other coworkers regardless if they are in office or at another office.

Redundancy: We have strong power backups for our IT infrastructure that mitigates the possibility of down time due to electrical failure. Each site can function if the other sites servers go down, and each site has backups on site as well as backups that go off site (Laan, 2013).

Routing: Routers are used to control information flow effectively.

Database: Our database server (and manufacturing server) has great utility for both sales and production.



Currently, the ISP is the only one, meaning that access to the internet is limited to the capability of this one organization. In a large organization like ours, this is indeed a…...

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