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Mis Agri Business

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MIS 205
Section 01
Project Guideline
Faculty – AIK

You have to choose one project out of these: 1. “Business level strategy & the value chain model” 2. “Firm level strategy & information technology” 3. “Tools & techniques employed in developing an Information System” 4. -------------------------------------------------
“Examining the role of Customer Relationship
Management System” 5. -------------------------------------------------
“A consideration of the impact of outsourcing on City
firms” 6. -------------------------------------------------
“How information could be strategic resource?” 7. -------------------------------------------------
“Examining the role of Supply Chain Management System” 8. -------------------------------------------------
“How business strategy drives a successful Information System?” 9. -------------------------------------------------
Define the corporate strategy of anyone of these: Square, Unilever, BAT, Grameen Phone, Banglalink, or HSBC, SCB and explain their network system.

In this Semester, you are provided with nine project topics and you have to select one of them for your project. You will do an extensive project work on current situation of your selected topic and services of different organization related to your topic. Your project will include their system, technology and technical support, company goal and objective in this regard, customer response, service offers, long time and short time plan. Your project will extend toward the feasibility of such technology over the country and impact on our economic environment. A comment on governmental policy and plan in this regard needs to be mentioned in your project work.

Project Guideline:


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