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Minsan Sa Isang Taon
“Minsan sa Isang Taon”

1. Identify the economic problems shown in the documentary.

Various problems were shown in the documentary “Minsan sa Isang Taon”. First and foremost is the Malnutrition problems of the B’laan children which is so called “Kwashiorkor” brought about by a severe lack of protein because all they eat is sweet potato. Problem in the system of education was obviously shown also. Because their community were so distant from the civilization, maybe all they know is how to write and read and in worst case, they know nothing.
Halfway through their journey, Environmental problems were envisaged by the group were they witnessed a very devastated mountain wherein most of the trees were cut away. The documentary also reveal the huge predicament in transportation were the Abaca Farmers need to walk for about six hours just to sell their processed abaca. It is then clearly shown the Unemployment Dilemma of our country. It’s hard to think that abaca farming is their only way to earn money, sad to think, maybe Kaingin is their alternative way.Rising Insurgency in our country were also revealed. With the continued problems in our country, many groups have posed grave threats to the Government and so the group need to backed-up by some CAFGU and Philippine Armies. All throughout, this issues were the reasons why 20% of the Filipino people were below poverty line and I am pretty sure that the B’laan tribe belongs to that portion.

2. How ECONOMICS can help address the situation of Abaca Farmers.

Economics in Merriam Webster is defined as a science concerned with the system by which goods and services were produced, sold and bought or simply defined as a part of something related to money.
Economics can help address the problems of abaca farmers in a way that it can make people aware of how difficult to produce money, and how to earn it as well. With that, emotionally, abaca farmers can have the overwhelming respect of the people. On the other...…...

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