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The case: o The data for the case is in the posted EXCEL file, titled “W2013 case data.xls” o The data is a random sample of employees with observations made on NSAL, SSAL, Seniority, Gender, Exp, and Education. o o For the purposes of this study, all variables except Sex and Education are assumed to be normally distributed.

o Your answers:

o The length of the project is MAXIMUM 12 pages including appendices. But not including the Covering Page and Table of Contents.

o Questions may be answered using EXCEL (with MegaStat, StaTools or PhStat add-on) whenever applicable as well as any other Statistic tools made available by the publisher through the MyStaLab.

o I am also strongly suggesting that groups use the Pivot Table program in Excel to organize and summarize the database. You should consult the publisher for technical assistance with the use of their software.

o You are advised to work on the case in a group of 2-4 and submit one hard copy as a group. You are expected to work on the case only with your group members and refrain from copying the work of other groups or persons. Plagiarism is considered a serious offence in this Faculty and University resulting in suspension and possible repeating of a year. Please consult the Code of Conduct at the following address:

o The case is due at the beginning of class Wednesday April 1 2015(C. Bayne).

o You MUST submit ONLY one hard copy (printed copy) of your case solution (Absolutely cannot submit ELECTRONIC copy). Make sure the student number and complete name of all members of the group are included on the covering page.

o Your case analysis submission should follow a research methodology approach used in your…...

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