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BIO 205- Final Exam: Study guide

The Final Exam will include chapters covered in Topics 6, 7, and 8. There will be 40 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions. Here is an outline of the materials you will be tested on:

Topic 6

Review Topic 6 quiz- study guide.

Chapter 5

* Define pasteurization and explain the different methods with examples

Chapter 20

* Explain any 2 mechanisms of acquiring resistance to antimicrobial drugs with one example for each.

Topic 7
Chapter 21: streptococcal infections, Diphtheria, Common cold, Mycoplasmal pneumonia, Pertussis, TB, Influenza

* Causative agent of strep throat * Toxin production in C. diphtheria * Vaccine for the common cold * Diseases of the lower respiratory tract * The characteristic virulence factor of S. pneumoniae * Mycoplasma * Mucociliary escalator * Treatment for diphtheria * Antigenic DRIFT vs. antigenic SHIFT

* Explain why common cold is not treated with antibiotics.

Chapter 22: Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Lyme, Varicella, Rubeola, Rubella, Mumps, warts, mycoses

* The antimicrobial aspect(s) of the skin * Staphylococcal skin infection * MRSA * S. pyogenes- M protein * Lyme disease * Varicella * Shingles * MMR vaccine * Mycoses * Skin bacteria: humans living in the tropics vs in the desert

* List and describe 3 microorganisms that are found in the normal microbiota of human skin.

Chapter 23: Staphylococcal, Streptococcal, Pseudomonas, Tetanus, Human bites, Clostridial * Wounds- anaerobic * flesh-eating organism * Tetanus toxin- mode of action * C. perfringens toxicity * gas gangrene * wound from a human bite * leukocidins * abscess * Why Candida albicans becomes pathogenic in patients on antibiotics? * Explain the development of abscess.

Chapter 24

* Dental plaque * S. mutans * Helicobacter pylori * mumps * cholera * diarrhea-causing E. coli * Salmonella * typhoid bacilli carriers * HBV * giardiasis

* Explain how enterotoxins are different from cytotoxins.

Topic 8

Chapter 25 * agent(s) causing subacute bacterial endocarditis * glomerulonephritis. * endotoxin. * tumor necrosis factor. * The causative agent of plague * Enlargement of lymph nodes or spleen * infectious mononucleosis * yellow fever * malaria * 'bacteremia' vs. 'septicemia' * conditions that favor spread of plague

* What are the possible consequences of sexually transmitted papillomavirus infections for men, women, and babies?

Chapter 26 * meningitis * Streptococcus pneumoniae * meningococcus * listeriosis * Leprosy * Viral central nervous system infections * Rabies * African sleeping * Prions * infant botulism

* Why is it difficult to cure AIDS patients of a fungal infection?

Chapter 27 * Urinary tract infections * Toxic shock syndrome * gonorrhea * gumma * herpes virus. * cervical cancer * genital warts * Treatment of HIV * STI * the spread of AIDS

* What is septic shock?

Chapter 28 * What is the difference between HIV, HIV disease, and AIDS?
HIV is the causative agent of the disease; HIV disease is when an HIV-infected person develops signs and symptoms; AIDS is the end stage of HIV disease, manifest as severe immunodeficiency and unusual malignancies.…...

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