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Mgt2 It Project Management Task 2

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Task 2 A. HRIS Team Organization Chart *

2.A.1, 2, 3: HRIS Project Team Roles,
Recommended Team Members, and Justification. Role | HRIS Project Organization | Team Member | Justification | HRIS Project Sponsor | PM reports directly to HRIS project sponsor. | Ashley Burrici, Director of Human Resources | Responsible for the HRIS project’s business case, justification of same, is held accountable for realizing the HRIS project benefits. Also required to provide oversight of the HRIS PM and Sr. stakeholder management. | HRIS Project Manager | Reports directly Project Sponsor. | PM | Required to ensure project is executed and delivered on-time and with-in budget. The HRIS PM is responsible for achieving the HRIS project goals as defined by the Project Charter. The HRIS PM role is justified because it is required for planning, executing, and closing the project. Also for managing resource allocations, tracking budgets, resolving issues and mitigating risk. | HRIS Contracting - Procurement | Reports to PM | Drew (Procurement) | Required to ensure the HRIS system procurement portion is defined and implemented correctly. Drew is experienced in leading procurement efforts for previous successful projects. | HRIS Programming | Reports to Ashton’s HRIS Engineering Team | Kendall (IT) | Required to review HRIS Vendor software from a code perspective to ensure compatibility with existing GenRay software, ease-of-use, and stability. Ashton’s MS Engineering degree should provide the project with graduate level support. | HRIS Benefits Analysis | Reports to HRIS Management Analysis Team (Rylee) | Harley (HR-Spokane) | Required to assist with reviewing HRIS vendor software compatibility with GenRay benefits packages. Has primary contact with all the benefits suppliers for 3the insurances (i.e. life, health, dental, accident, long-termcare). |…...

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