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(mGAMES) Case Study

Table of Contents
Introduction to the Problem 3
Analysis of the Situation 3
Intergroup Conflict and Conflict Management 3
Decision Making and Problem Solving 5
Leadership 6
Group Motivation 7
Communication and Listening Skills 8
Recommendations 9
References 10

Introduction to the Problem mGAMES began its operation, as a wholly owned affiliate of BHM, a video game development company, in 1995. In 2001, when changes in top management occurred, the company faced tremendous challenges. Intragroup conflict and conflict management issues, poor decision and problem-solving skills, and the lack of leadership were problems that were having a tremendous impact on the organization`s ability to operate at a profit. These issues arose due to a decline in group motivation, and the choice of team members to engage in communication and listening habits that were counterproductive to group success. These destructive behavioral patterns, typically, gave rise to hidden agendas that resulted in a loss of revenue, rising development costs, and unplanned costs for an organization. Hidden agendas inhibit creativity, the ability to make sound business decisions and solve problems quickly, and hinder overall group cohesion. Only through good leadership can a company prevent or turn such situations around. Good Leaders motivate team members, manage group processes and make decisions that improve the culture of the organization (Engleberg and Wynn, 2013, p. 114 -115). They also can motivate team members and utilize effective communication and listening skills that leads the organization to the successful execution of the company’s strategy. Teamwork is the key to success.
Analysis of the Situation
Intergroup Conflict and Conflict Management
Constructive conflict was presented when Mr. Marks partnered with a major PDA manufacturer. This was a great match…...

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