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Describe MERU’s business model
Agents from Companies approaches areas like airport, parking lot and then explain business to them.
Driver deposits Rs.10000. as a refundable deposit and undergoes a training.
MERU buys the car and gives it to the driver. The driver is not an employee of MERU
MERU trains the drivers on soft skills. Basic qualifications for the driver are a minimum experience on the city roads and with a basic knowledge of reading addresses in English.
The fuel cost has to be borne by the driver
The maintenance of the car is taken care by MERU
MERU helps the drivers by providing the booking to drivers through their call centers.
The driver is free to take passengers if he doesn’t get calls from the call centers
The driver is assigned a ride from the call centre by tracking his presence through the GPS navigation system and hence he can NOT ignore the call centre’s trip assignment.
In return the driver provides Rs. 900 - 1100 per day to MERU .
Note, it is a per day charge and not a per call charge, which is means that even if the driver does not get a call from MERU on a particular day he has to pay Rs.900 to 1100 as “rent” for using the car.
Whatever the driver earns above these is his own income (Expected income of Rs. 500 to 1000 per day).

What are the different aspects of Service Blueprinting that are applicable to Meru? | Customer Aquisition | Booking Management | CAB Delivery | Service Delivery | Physical Evidence | Voice call, SMS | SMS, Internet confirmation | CAB | Printed receiptgiven tocustomer aftertrip. Meruknows driver | | | | | | Customer | Customer Makes a call/ log on to website | Receives confirmation | Customer identifies and boards the cab | Customer reaches the destination and pays the bill as per receipt | | | | | | Contact Person | | | Driver | Driver | | | | | | Support Processes | IVR, web, SMS | IVR, CRM | MDT with GPRS, GPS. | MDT |…...

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