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Mediator neutrality and impartiality
There are two models of mediation to consider the first is neutrality and the second is impartiality from the mediator. Neutrality is what the mediator brings to the mediation session. The mediator does not benefit from the session as a neutral party. He or she may gain some personal satisfaction of getting the parties through the session; however, there is no benefit from the outcome, because the mediator has no stakes in the outcome. (Spence, 2010).
Tonya Alexander explained neutrality and impartiality as being able to understand both client’s perspectives, interests, and goals. To be neutral and impartial means not having a bias or judgment against another for any reason. She also believes that to be neutral and impartial one must balance clients’ needs and make sure clients feel heard and that they are able to have an active role in mediation with no abuse of the process. (T. Alexander, personal communication, July 18, 2013).

Confidentiality According to Alexander Law Office, PC, Mediation communications are confidential and may not be disclosed to any other person. The parties to mediation may agree in writing that all or parts of the mediation communications are not confidential. Alexander has a fee agreement that sets out the confidential nature of mediation communication and work-product; she goes through this element carefully with the client at the first meeting. If the mediator has breached confidentiality, he or she may be subject to a bar complaint or a lawsuit from the client. If the client breaches confidentiality, he or she may also be subject to lawsuit by the other client. Evidence may not be admissible in court under circumstances. (T. Alexander, personal communication, July 18, 2013). Reference:
Spence, J. (2010). Ezine Articles. Retrieved from…...

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