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Media's Effect Upon People

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Media's Effect upon People
Media has been evolving in the past few decades, initially media was used as a tool of sending news and beefing people with the information. That is history now, because of the emergence of the new technologies, which has enhanced communications. Furthermore, there has emerged an adaption of electronic messaging from millions of individuals in the world. Electronic messaging has come in different ways, which in effect has enabled unique and specialized ways of sending messages according to the needs of an individual. The massive impact of media in the society has also enhanced the great expansion of media from all the directions. This paper will outline the media effect on people.
Television emerges as one of the oldest screen media; this has enabled a number of generations to incorporate it domestically. However, this form of media has experienced major substantial changes that have seen the emergence of video recorders, camcorders, and cable television. This has had a positive impact to the society, for instance in the United States, many households have familiarized themselves with the new television prospective technologies and have readily adopted them (Marie, 2). Unlike in 1950s where few of Americans homes had television, today 99% of all Americans homes have television, with research indicating that some families have more televisions sets than phones. Many children have their own television sets in their own bedrooms meaning that they can view any programs without much supervision from their parents (Marie, 3). This has had effects on children because it has induced aggressive thoughts, aggressive behaviors, angry feelings, and the psychological arousal. In her article, Television: The Plug-In Drug, Marie Winn says, “That as a form of media, television has intensely embedded the daily lives of…...

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