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Media Campaigns is a form of health promotion by which mass media is used to deliver health promotion messages to target audiences. Media campaigns can be delivered in a variety of ways such as leaflets, TV advertisements, posters and product advertisements – being accessible in many ways.

Media campaigns can be extremely effective in that it is easy to access the information provided at any given time through a variety of media forms. The information provided can be from any part of the world and regard issues which need to be raised hence cause individuals to think differently in regards to their health, adapting a healthier health model. An example of this is Cowpe’s study on media campaigns through chip-pan fires. Two 50 second commercials were shown on television in ten different regions were the cause of the chip pan fires were demonstrated as well as the way of prevention.
The following year, three regions were again shown these commercials. The findings displayed those regions that the commercials made less of an impact on the regions that were shown the campaigns more times. These areas were overexposed to the campaign, reducing effectiveness. This shows that campaigns can become ineffective in that people may become desensitized to campaigns shown. The longer the campaign is shown on TV, the less effective it will be.

Overall, media campaigns is an effective way in promoting health and influencing a positive adaption of health behaviour – however this is only possible if there is no overexposure to the campaign as this can reduce the effectiveness due to possible disensitization.…...

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