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29 October 2013
Book Review Reflection Paper Marvelously Made written by Monica Rose Brennan was such a simplest wonderful book about the basic principles in a little more depth of the bible and God’s word and truths. The overall main focus was of what God viewed women to be in society and how he specifically made us women to all be marvelously made in his image. I highly enjoyed reading Dr. Breenan’s book and learning more in depth of God’s word and truths. The first story talked about in the book was of when Brennan was a child. She talked about how us girls like to make little pretend worlds. Where we wont have any pain, rejections, suffering, hate, that others, and other things along those lines will always love us. She said how little girls do that but sometimes we even catch ourselves today living in a world we created to stay happy and away from the negative in life. Body image was also talked about in the book. Brennan struggled with anorexia when she was just in the seventh grade. Without knowing the true truths of how God created each of us to be ,we can all get caught up with our body image. If we do not truly believe that we are each created from God then we can get so idolized of how we look making ourselves unhappy. The book talked about how coming to God and finding your true identity in Christ will fill that need of wanting how your body should be and accepting how God made you and that you are beautiful in his eyes. That is where the book talked about finding your true identity with Christ. Once we accept that we were all made uniquely and for a reason and a purpose we will realize how much we are in need of God and how we will find our true identity within him. We then realize that we are a treasure of God. Also, once we stop letting our negative thoughts about ourselves and the opinions of other and letting that dictate you, then we can find our identity in him. Taking off masks and actually realizing that you have been wearing one is another main point in the book. A lot of us have been hiding behind these masks that we put over who we really are and what we are really going through. God can see right through the masks but sometimes we have to take time to realize that we are even wearing one. Once you accept that you have a mask on God is there to help you. When God created Adam and Eve they lived in a Utopia. Everything was perfect and no sin existed. Adam was created first and Eve out of Adam making her a woman. It was the perfect love story that any girl would want. The women was there with purposes in life and the man as well. God gave only one rule to not eat from the tree of good and evil and Adams job was to tell Eve to not do so. As we all know and said in the book Eve did eat from it and now life isn’t so perfect. God created us all to be beautiful and to have a purpose we need to compromise our faith for the Lord. In the book it says that we shouldn’t have any idols, which could be basically anything from a job to wood. WE must put God first and that our first love is and will always be God. That we should not have any misconceptions since God determines who we are not anything else. We must surrender ourselves to the lord and live God truths. By knowing everything God has for our lives and how we are made in his image we then crave to share his word to others. That’s when you want to help others and want them to know this joy that God brings you. Starting off the book with how she was child and had this pretend world of Barbie’s was absolutely a perfect way to being. I enjoy that a lot because I found that the purpose of the book was to inform to readers of the masks we wear and how we as women like to live in a “perfect” little world. Even as children we start off with pretending and we do not even realize why. It is so funny to reminisce the past and see how us as children would pretend everything when we would play. Even today we catch ourselves in our little pretend worlds where eveyrhting is perfect and I am going to marry this guy and I will not have any struggles. That was all presented in Marvelously Made and another thing I really enjoyed reading about was how God created Adam and Eve to be the same but different. During that part of the book Brennan was saying how women today do not really embrace that they are women. I never really thought about that before and after I read everything she had to say about women my eyes were open up. It is really true God created us women to be helpers and to have different roles from men but others and even myself try to go out and get attention from guys and compare ourselves to others. All this does not make me happy and after reading it I realized how stupid I have been for forgetting that God made me a women for a reason and I am beautiful to him. The truths written in this book I already knew, but reading them in the way I did brought a different perspective and I really felt enlightened by God’s word. That God has a purpose for me and he made me a woman so I should embrace it! That I need to surrender my life to him and that means everything in my life. That God loves me so much he really does know all my thoughts and the deepest desires of my heart even if I don’t acknowledge them to him, he knows. I know he will never leave me or forsake me. I was made in his image with a purpose in my life and even though I may not be perfect I am perfect to him and he can never not love me more then he does now. Reading this book really just opened up my eyes to everything about being a women and I am really not ashamed any more and will not listen to what society has to say.…...

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