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Shaunya Fraysher
Arabians LTD began as a tax deduction with five Straight Egyptian Arabian mares used for breeding in the 1970s. This company has become the world’s leading breeder of these rare horses. Arabians LTD enjoys annual net income of approximately 1 million dollars, not bad for a couple who started out looking for a tax break. Currently they market mostly oversees in Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in the Mid-East. Here in America their marketing is limited to Arabian horse magazines. This is the most efficient marketing campaign for the company at this time; however, I see opportunities for advancement.
Egyptian Arabians are so rare that if not for being in captivity they would be on the endangered species list. This breed is the oldest know horse, both archeologically and recorded breeding, in the world. After all, who has not admired the hoses of the Pharaohs? Every horse must be able to have its ancestry traced to the Egyptian desert, wild caught prior to the early 1800s. No intentional breeding for physical characteristics other than that of the originals is permitted. In 2006, there were 17,000 true SE Arabians in the world. Using this as a marketing strategy here in the US could potentially bring in new investors who might invest for this reason. Expanding the advertisements into other horse magazines, web sites, and social media adds expressing the need to save this breed could potentially bring in financing or purchasers wanting to help “save” the original horses, or take advantage of tax deductions for breeding them. This strategy could potentially be used in other countries that have people who value high quality horses and saving the endangered species around the globe.
Recently Arabian enthusiasts have begun using them for areas traditionally considered a strictly Quarter horse area. Encouraging the purchasers of their geldings to use their Arabians in cutting, roping, and other rodeo events would give free marketing to a previously uncharted market. The horses that which have competed have thus far scored extremely high and placing consistently. Any horse that places in the competitions automatically gets massive attention in the horse magazines, RFD TV, and AQHA magazines. An average Quarter horse or typical cow horse breed can sell for upwards of $200,000 if it has placed or is a colt of winners. This could be used as another free advertising ploy. Readers of Rodeo Magazine, the Cutting Horse Association, along with the competitors and loyal followers are more interested in winning than in what breed of horse is being used to do so. Increasing the attention on Arabians winning in this circle of competitors would raise demand for the horses from Arabians LTD. Arabians LTD could also increase its standing in the horse world by adding competitive cow horse winners to their list of reasons why their horses are preferable to others, theoretically giving them additional free advertising.
In 2008, Breyer released its first and only Egyptian Arabian model. Thee Desperado’s immortalization by Breyer increased Arabians LTD’s sales for several years with people wanting to buy a horse for their child who looked like the toy. It is common knowledge in the marketing world that children can push parents into buying items not in the parent’s interest. Using toys, or children’s shows highlighting SE Arabians, especially horse shows and jumping events. Since this is already a pastime and competitive event of prominent and upper middle class children, many young girls may encourage families to purchase or invest in the horses of Arabians LTD for their use in competitions. Given their locations in several states across the US, availability would not be much of an issue. Pricing of their geldings is $3,500 affordable for people who want one of their horses, but cannot afford the $40,000 beginning price of their fillies or even more for show class colts. Focusing some attention on our young Americans increases and encourages ownership of these horses, not just now, but if they find a love of the SE Arabians it could mean future purchases over their lifetime. This is free adverting following their initial purchase, the child’s friends, and if they choose to incorporate the horses into their adult life for their children as well, then the web of free advertising spreads like ripples in a pond.
Horses are not a necessary tool in America, and these animals are costly to care for; because of this marketing must be focused on a targeted audience. Arabians LTD has extremely valuable horses that most people cannot afford, and given their excessive sales in other countries in the mid-East, targeting a future market within the US may help increase demand for their horses. Over 75% of people who become involved in SE Arabian horses, are repeat owners partially because of the loyalty these horses show their owners when compared to nearly all other breeds. Using prior uncharted competitions, such as cutting and reining, encouraging makers of children’s shows to model their horses after theirs and informing the public about the declining numbers to encourage investors to assist in saving the breed are potential marketing strategies for the organization. Directing attention to young horse enthusiasts now can form a trickle effect that lasts multiple generations without investing more on marketing. This could prove to be a win-win for the corporation and the Straight Egyptian horses, who’s numbers are dwindling.…...

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