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Marketing Orientation of Company Like Samsung Has Been Attributed to a Factor That Has Help Drive the Constant Improvement in the Company’s Process and System Because It Promote the Culture of a Culture of

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Business Plan

©2015 1.0 Executive Summary
MARC WENN will be run as an online fashion business which provides luxury garments and accessories, without the luxury price tags. The business is at its start-up stage with business operation which commenced less than six months. The businesses made over £8,500 within two months of its business operation and currently have about 40,000 followers on major social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Its business strategy is designed to deliver e- commerce business and online shop which is gradually replacing the traditional shop premises on the high streets, as a way of reaching the target market.
The business is positioned to provide a strong brand identity that is able to affect customers’ behaviours by building emotional connection that is able to reinforce buying habit. The business is named MARC WENN to differentiate its various products from similar offerings, hence attract customers to the business and draw traffic to the business online shop. The increase in the use internet and speed of browsing in our society will provide a huge opportunity for this business to strive. More and more users especially among younger target customers have access to the use of internet for variety of fulfilling purposes, including for shopping.
Currently, the main demographic for the business is male age 18-30. The business hopes to extend this to cover other users in a gradual stage of its business development and growth strategy. The business’s main target market normally looks forward to alternative clothing trend in large urban locations as their inspiration. MARC WENN will investment in exclusive advertisement via social media, influencers, blogs and magazines to get those customer to buy it brands.
The Principal owner and…...

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