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James Patterson is a renowned, best-selling author of crime fiction novels. He has written several novels including the Beach House, Four Blind Mice, Violets are Blue, and Roses are Red. These are among several other well-known novels that Patterson has improved his brand. Throughout the years, Patterson has sold over six million novels and counting. His novels are found in just about all the bookstores, grocery stores, and airport stores.
Patterson’s brilliant marketing experience has enabled him to expand his brand from one to over one hundred novels with an enormous reader-base. Book clubs have shown to be successful with books such as Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier by exposing these books to readers that typically would not ready that genre. The debate presented to Patterson is whether or not continuing business with book clubs is necessary to the success of his product. Upon consideration, the Patterson brand would benefit by continuing his participation with book clubs as it will not only continue expanding his reader base, but also open the door to a market that has not yet been explored such as the international market. To continue his success, Patterson should continue with book clubs but discuss renegotiating his margin per book. Although Patterson receives less profit margin from book clubs, he is exposing his literature to avid readers and generating attention to his brand. The benefits Patterson receives from book club sales shows that it has been vital to the growth of his brand in that it broadens his reader base.

SWOT Analysis Strengths * Lots of avid readers are members * Has stayed relevant for 70 years * Book club editorial reviews can create buzz and help create a blockbuster book * About 20% of bestseller sales were through book clubs * Helps advertise books to members…...

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