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Marketing 315

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Unit 2 Assignment

As an assistant to Jane Melody, Sonic’s chief marketing officer, you’ve been assigned to draft a mission statement for top management’s review. This should cover the competitive spheres within which the firm will operate and your recommendation of an appropriate generic competitive strategy. Using your knowledge of marketing, the information you have about Sonic, and library or Internet resources, answer the following questions.

What should Sonic’s mission be?

Sonic is committed to providing the most high tech equipment and data solutions to all of its business customers and independent consumers by producing and marketing cutting edge communication and storage devices.

In what competitive spheres (industry, products and applications, competence, market-segment, vertical, and geographic) should Sonic operate?

Industry: Personal media, storage, and communications devices such as smart phones and tablets

Products and Applications: Products with the capability for Wi Fi, Blue Tooth, and GPS will appeal to a broad audience of consumers. The ability to store data and download latest applications with minimal configuration will be of value.

Competence: A solid product with technologically advanced features is very desirable at an entry level price point.

Market Segment: This product has a very diversified market segment. This product will be used by students, business professionals and leisure users as well.

Vertical and Geographic: This product should be marketed to all major retailers who currently stock similar types of equipment, such as office supply chains and entertainment equipment stores. This product should also be available online. Sonic should be marketed primarily in the US markets and after it is a…...

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