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Marketing Research PROJECT PROPOSAL


Akshay Jadhao, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

Note: This is “Just a Project Proposal and Methodology document” (NOT a research paper). Actual research is being conducted at Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode by the author on this project and original research paper will be available soon. The sole purpose of this document is to help students and researchers who are interested in marketing research, especially in Indian coffee market.


PROJECT PROPOSAL RESEARCH QUESTION: To check the feasibility of opening a Café Coffee Day (CCD) in Kunnamangalam, Calicut, Kerala (India) INTRODUCTION As per the research done by KPMG (KPMG Report on Consumer Market, 2005) on the consumer markets in India, greatest potential for growth opportunity in the organized retail sector is in the food and beverage sector. It’s projected that food and beverage retailing will grow at 9.2 percent over the next five years against a total GDP growth rate of around 7 percent. An important factor to be considered is the changing pattern of spending by the Indian consumer. There is growth in the disposable incomes and as a result the markets are changing fast and are leading to more urbanization kind of lifestyles. India as a market is more relevant because of the demographic advantage it has over other economies. As a result here young working populations drive personal consumption. The rise in coffee drinking is part of the transition to more branded consumption in India, and is led by the growth of branded coffee café chains such as Barista, Café Coffee Day and Qwiky’s. STRATEGIC CHANGES IN POSITIONING As per research done by Harish Bijoor Consultants (Balasubramanyam, 2010), in India CCD are having about 70% of all coffee outlets. But according to…...

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