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Mental Models and Mindsets

Mental Models and Mindsets For every successful business the mental models of leadership stimulates growth. The way people react to creativity, design and innovation are all a part of the mental model map. Only after learning the mental makeup of others, understanding the basic approaches to the mental model can one effectively make sensible recommendations to alter thought patterns. Only after understanding the makeup of the model can we understand and change not only others mental models but also our own as well. Four Steps
Crook and Gunther (2005), stated there are four ways to affect the many ways individuals think. Firstly, individuals must understand his or her mental models. Secondly, after recognizing his or her thought patterns, the individual must test new approaches to the same situation. Thirdly, the person trying to make a change must overcome a variety of inhibitors to change, such as the expectations of others, lack of information, lack of trust, and the desire to hold on to the old patterns. Lastly, the individual must implement the change in thinking patterns.”
These four steps can help Apple continue to be creative and innovative in producing products that satisfy consumers’ needs and wants. It will also improve the culture of the organization if employees use these steps daily. Employees will start to understand their own mental model and be able to adapt to any situation in a positive way. These steps will broaden the minds of employees which will allow them to be more creative and communicate with each other without any animosity. This will increase productivity and employee moral within the workplace.
Apple has been a creativity and innovative company for a long time. Implementing these four steps as part of the company’s strategy will help the company remain the industry’s most innovative company and sustain a competitive advantage over their competitors. More important, if employees at Apple understand their mental model and how to change their mental model, employees will be better prepared to apply creative and innovative thinking within the organization.
Organizational growth relies on the mental models and mindsets of every stakeholder in the firm. Mental models represent the way people look at the world and the reactions to new ideas, processes, and innovations – “if someone comes along and questions us as to why we do things the way we do, it can help us to realize the mental models we have, and hence enable us to change them” (Von Stamm, 2003, p. 161). In this paper the subject to analyze is the four steps to change our mental models and mindsets - understand mental models, test new approaches, overcome inhibitors to change, and implement change to thinking patterns.
Mental models are a mental process. They are the way that individuals think and process information in the real world. Mental models can encourage or inhibit thought, creativity, and innovation within an organization depending on how they are accepted and used. Apple is famous for being an innovative organization; they encourage suggestions regarding what improvements can be made to increase knowledge; anticipating the needs of their customers and what changes could be made within their line of products to make the day-to-day technological needs more flexible and convenient. Through innovative minds, Apple can develop initiatives constantly prepared to update efficiency and generate convenience for their customers. This innovation takes into consideration the knowledge that people these days lead busy lives; professionally and personally. Many individuals desire to continue their education but are strapped with time restraints from working, family obligations, and other personal affairs; individuals relied on PCs and Laptops to fulfill those needs but with the introduction of the Ipad and stores that make a wide range of applications or apps available, makes it easier become mobile and continue conduct business, bank transactions, etc. Apple created a new technological world with the help of innovative individuals making it possible for anyone to fulfill his or her technological needs. If the organization continues with an innovative approach to areas of their business, only positive outcomes will result. Apple is a leader of change, the company has a tremendous organized strategy to aid in identifying some areas that need improving, the organization is capable of recognizing its limits and capabilities and built its strategies based on their assumptions. Upon new implementations the company tests the new method and monitors outcomes and progress of the new implementation. Moreover, prior to testing the organization rolls out the implementation and provides extensive information to its employees regarding the changes and new techniques. Additionally, the organization has complete confidence in every employee and empowers them to develop upon the new changes. Furthermore, Apple ensures that the old techniques and mentality is completely discarded and is not mix with the new approach. Once the model is implemented and the method starts running constant monitoring and identifying weaknesses is part of the project. Once weaknesses had been identified and the top leadership team think that the model needs to be adjusted the necessary changes will be made. Apple is an expert in change and is constantly learning and implementing new approaches that will ensure the company survival and their financial health. The ability of an individual or organizations to change is very elusive; desire and motivation alone fail to stimulate a metamorphosis. Resistors of change linked to incomplete definitions of assessment, lack of leadership, philosophical differences, inadequate resources or a failure to sustain a focus are inhibitors of change. Changes are possible in an organization if people can recognize what mental models exist. An organization like Apple is about Innovation and implementing changes. Companies and people that are resistant to changes are stuck in a place that will not introduce new innovations because of mental models. After an organization looks at implementing a new innovation it is important to understand what it will take to undertake the change, testing the new idea, and overcoming any barriers that could exist. Apple has proven it understands how to change the way people normally think of an old process to accept the new process, which is for the better of the organization. Mental models can create a barrier in the way a company understands a process and how that process is done. Unfortunately, mental models are the principal barrier when allowing new ideas to be accepted. To implement an environment that allows new ideas being brought forward will require Apple to create a safe environment that employees and consumers will feel comfortable when new ideas are put into place. Implementing new ideas is never easy because people feel comfortable with an old process and are resistant to change. “Any form of change can cause disruption of the status quo and can often be received with a certain level of resistance” (Wood, 2001, Para. 1). The presentation of a new process or idea will depend on how management unveils the new idea. Developing the right learning process will open the doors for accepting new innovations.
Mental models explain one’s thought process. There can be barriers of one’s thought process and accepting new processes on how things are done. There are ways to change the way a person thinks. The four steps in changing mental models is to understand the person’s mental model, testing new approaches, overcoming the variety of inhibitors to change, and implementing the change in patterns. Understanding mental models individually or as a team will enhance creativity and innovation. Apple is constantly making changes to be innovative and creative. Apple strives to stay innovative and create new products to stay ahead of the competition. Apple is known for creativity and innovation, which involves change. The company has employees who accept changing mental models to adapt a new process or way of doing things. The understanding that a corporation must change to implement new and creative ideas is what makes Apple a very successful organization.


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