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Managing Diverse Workforce

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The concept of workplace diversity refers to the differences that exist within an organization based on the employees working together in a team (Sonnenschein, 2009). It is imperative to note that the modern working environment calls for the need to manage the diverse workforce. As such, the management shoulders the responsibility of ensuring that they effectively manage diverse employees within their organization. It would sound simple to think that managing such team does not require tact and knowledge. However, it is pertinent to note that the aspect of diversity encompasses many fields like ethnic background, race, and age of individuals, gender, educational level, and the personality type of people.
Additionally, diversity involves how the individuals perceive themselves and others of the different background than theirs. Hence, the perceptions will interfere with how they interact with others and the manner in which the organization will operate (Blunt, 2009). Therefore, for various assortments of employees to be in a position to function effectively within an organization, the human resource personnel must effectively deal with a broad range of issues. For instance, they must address change within the organization, communication aspect, and adaptability to the working environment.
Furthermore, the issue of diversity will significantly increase in the future hence the need for every organization to find ways of adapting to the changes. They must recognize the need for taking immediate action where necessary and spend resources towards managing diversity in their workplaces. They must also appreciate the difficulty of the task due to the external factors that continue to influence the workplace environment (Lindsley, 2012). The paper selects one organization and…...

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