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Management by Consensus: a Rationale by Technique

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Management by Consensus: A rationale by technique.

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Introduction: The working worlds of our businesses and organizations are becoming increasingly more complex. One of the immediate consequences is the acceleration of change processes. Sensible error tolerance, on the one hand, as well as quick and constructive problem solving procedures on the other will thus be indispensable for forward looking management. The old-fashioned autocratic manager who ruled with an iron hand and controlled everything from the top has pretty much vanished from the management scene. There is no doubt that today's enterprises operate far more humanely than did their old school predecessors, at least on the surface.
Consensus management is gaining ever more recognition in business as a success factor in dealing with conflicts and creating personal responsibility. Here the selective application of external moderation, individual and group discussions enhances the dialogue, cooperation and structuring capacities of the conflicting partners. The direct recourse to moderated methods makes for surprisingly quick and long term stable agreements and transfer.

Consensus Management:
Consensus management means that when a decision is reached by the group, there is total commitment to it by all members. It does not necessarily mean the decision was reached easily or that there were not widely differing views shared and debated during the group's discussion. But once consensus is formally achieved, division of opinion, so far as that decision is concerned, should cease.
What Is Consensus?
We often hear leaders of groups or activities say that they want to manage by consensus.…...

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