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Understanding that management entail not only the ability to manage but it is also a process with various functions that must be tackled in order to lead efficiently. I am currently operating my business but I have worked on many jobs where this process has been failed to be implemented. The first step is to know how to effectively implement planning, leading, organizing, staffing, and controlling. Each function is as important as the other but with by failing to have a plan it is already understand that you are planning to fail.

Managers find themselves planning for all sorts of things and by doing so managers can ensure that he or she is working towards some sort of an organizational goal. There are three main types of plans, operational, tactical and strategic. Each of these types of plans are somewhat of stepping stones in relation to one another operational plans are needed in order to make tactical plans and tactical plans lead to the achievement of strategic plans. In planning there are also plans to back other plans that may fail these are call contingency plans. Strategic plans are designed with the entire organization in mind and begin with the mission of the organization. These plans look ahead to where the organization would like to be in the future. These plans provided by top level managers serve as a framework for lower level planning. These plans include but are not limited to consist of developing long term strategies for growth, improving productivity and profitability, boosting returns on investment, improving customer service and finding ways to give back to the community it operated in. These types of plans require each level of management to play a specific role in order to reach the goals desired by the
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