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Man vs Robots

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Man Vs Robots

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Are you #teamrobot?3
Advancements in technology are doing more harm than good3
Family structures will collapse4
Social effects of the automaton takeover5
Positive outcome6
Mental effects of the automaton takeover6
Who will win the battle? …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..7
Conclusion ………………………………………………………………………………………7

Man vs Robots
Are you #teamrobot?
Computers run the world! Wouldn’t you agree? Think about it, imagine going an entire twenty four hours without turning to your electronics for help, you can’t. Our generation has been spoiled with using the “easy, fast way out”. Remember that time the cashier was moving too slow when you were in a hurry, thank goodness for that self-checkout. How many times do you go to the supermarket and prefer to deal with the machine versus the nice cashier lady who greets you with a smile and small conversation? Most people in this generation prefer to deal with machines and not people and it is becoming a problem in society.
Advancements in technology are doing more harm than good
The problem is the advancement in technology is destroying and eliminating job opportunities for mankind. When people visit their local grocery store you can see that machines have replaced cashiers and even outperforming mankind. The rich are becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer. Robots are cheaper and they execute factory jobs better than humans. In an article from The Desert Sun, The Boston Consulting Group supports the proposal that robots are taking over. “Companies are finding that advances in robotics and other manufacturing technologies offer some of the best opportunities to sharply improve productivity” (Harold Sirkin).
“Robots will cut labor costs by 33 percent in South Korea, 25 percent in Japan, 24 percent in Canada and 22 percent in the United States and Taiwan. Only 10 percent of jobs that can be automated have already been taken by robots. By 2025, the machines will have more than 23 percent, Boston Consulting forecasts” (Wiseman). When a company decides to invest in machines, they look at it as an opportunity to save a lot of money. With machines replacing human labor, it has become difficult for blue collar workers to find work. The robot phenomenon effects many countries such as South Korea, Japan, Canada, Taiwan and the United States with an average of 26% in labor cuts. “In North America alone, over half a million automotive industry jobs were lost between 2000 and 2012, in part because of increasing automation” (De Chant). Job displacement due to computer advancement is not limited to only factory workers. Companies have opted out of hiring secretaries and purchasing accounting software for bookkeeping positions as well. Given the rapid increase in technical advances in society many families around the world will suffer from job displacement, downturn in social skills and maybe even mental depression.
Family structures will collapse
Families around the world will suffer from job displacements. In November 2012, Foxconn Technology Group announced that they planned to replace one million of its human factory workers in China with robots and the first 10,000 were already installed when this statement was released. One million workers replaced can effect two million plus people when families are included. With one million unemployed workers, the likelihood of finding replacement work will be slim and competitive. This cut will lead force families to adjust to an alternative lifestyle and they will be forced to choose between needs and wants and maybe even struggle to put food on the families table. These new limitations can cause stress on the families’ providers. An increase in stress can lead to arguments within the home. Increased arguments can cause marriages to end and divorce can cause children to suffer from psychological issues and behavioral problems. Studies show that parents who argue in front of their children risk impairing the child’s development. “Brain scans have revealed children who experience ‘mild to moderate’ family problems up to the age of 11 suffer impaired brain development and could be at risk of psychiatric illness….. Those who encountered ‘mild to moderate’ family problems when they were younger than 11 had a smaller cerebellum - a part of the brain linked to skill learning, stress regulation and sensory motor control” (Woollaston).
Social effects of the automaton takeover There will be an evident change in social interaction from those suffering from these advancement. Men without jobs or low paying jobs will lack the ability to take care of a family, they may be considered not suitable for marriage by many women. Statically women marry for financial security over love. Typical first date questions include questions such as “what do you do for a living?” and “what are your goals for the future?” The reason that most women prefer to find financial security then fall in love can be due to the fact that most women are taught that men and women genetically have two different roles. Man being the provider while woman takes care of the household. Due to female empowerment over the past years, women are expect to be more dependent than before when men were typically the breadwinners. Due to this change women will not openly admit that they prefer to court a man with a nice job who can provide. “Most women would disagree with the fact that they prefer financial security over love because it doesn’t sound right morally. There is nothing to despise about it though. Women probably aren’t looking for the richest guys out there, but their million-dollar-wanting heart is definitely looking for guys who can provide a good lifestyle for rest of her life” (Mittal). An unemployed man will be less likely to find loved and can cause a decrease in man’s confidence.
Positive outcome On a positive note, there may be in increase in social reforms, people may unite as one and attempt to make changes and fight back against the robots who have taken their jobs. In October 2014 one thousand workers at a factory manufacturing for Foxconn Technology Group went on strike demanding better wages. The company had allegedly been reducing workers’ overtime at the factory. Many of these workers relied on their overtime pay as a majority of their income. “Workers demonstrated with holding banners, including one that read, ‘We aren’t robots. We need to eat and feed our family,’” (Kan). The group of workers united and peacefully executed their strategy. As a result some of the employees returned to work for four hours, after holding discussions and making agreements with company management.
Mental effects of the automaton takeover There will be an inflation of people suffering from mental depression and anxiety due to the takeover. People will lose income, benefits and part of their identity. This can be extremely traumatic to some people. Worst case scenario, suicide rates increase. People who deal with stress associated with losing a job and not having enough money to pay for daily necessities are more likely to have psychological effects than an employed person. It is common to experience some depression symptoms such as feelings of worthlessness, helplessness, guilt, fatigue, insomnia and restlessness, according to EmpowHER. Some symptoms of anxiety include worrying, obsessive thoughts, fear, panic, impatience, concentration problems, rapid or irregular heartbeat and nausea. Depressed and stressed feelings can cause people to engage in detrimental behavior such as drug and alcohol abuse. With an increasing popularity of using automatons over humans people will lose income, benefits and part of their identity. This can be extremely traumatic to some people. Worst case scenario, suicide rates increase. Jobs give people a purpose and meaning to life, without it there may be a loss sense of security and sense of hopelessness
Who will win the battle? Based on the evidence found through research technology winning over mankind. People have become spoiled with the luxury of a machine doing all the work for us. One can conclude that there may even be a possibility of cars driving themselves and robots teaching our children. Technology makes life easier for people but the love for these machines are hurting the society that loves them in the future. As a result the rich will become richer and the poor will become poorer with a handful of other negative issues. There are more cons than pros when it comes to technical advancements. The battle is unfair when the people are fighting a war that they cannot win. Machines do not get tired, they will not ask for a pay increase and they are built to execute perfection. How can mankind compete with something that even they prefer themselves?
In conclusion, I don’t think it is fair for companies around the worlds to throw people away when we are not the object. It is unethical and unfair because mankind can’t compete with a machine, machines will always win. Machines are closest thing we know to being while humans are guaranteed to make plenty of mistakes. Family dynamics will greatly be effected negatively with computers taking over society. Happiness will be lost and sanity will be tested, all from a machine that we the people made and love. The love will change to resentment and hate. Given the rapid increase in technical advances in society many families around the world will suffer from job displacement, downturn in social skills and maybe even mental depression.

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