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...Mark Jones, a Production Manager, has been transferred from the manufacturing plant in his hometown of Chicago to his company's overseas manufacturing plant in Osaka, Japan. You are the company's I-O psychologist. Using Hofstede's Five Basic Elements of Culture Distinction, write an e-mail message to the Vice President (VP) of Production discussing at least three cultural differences that Mark will experience in managing front-line plant workers in Japan in contrast to in the United States. Also address how cultural differences may play a role in individual differences Mark will experience. Your e-mail message should also include at least three recommendations on how managers can take up overseas tasks with minimum transition problems. State the rationale for your recommendations. Because the VP of Production is a busy individual, restrict your e-mail message to one to two pages. Type the e-mail message in Microsoft Word, and send it to the M1: Assignment 3 Dropbox by Wednesday, March 27, 2013. Where appropriate use structured text—bold format, headings, bulleted lists, and graphics—to clarify your meaning and to make your document easier to read. Remember texting language will not be acceptable. Dear Vice President of Production, Mark Jones, a Production Manager, has been transferred from the manufacturing plant in his hometown of Chicago to his company's overseas manufacturing plant in Osaka, Japan and I am writing to let you know the differences that Mark will......

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...ansaveh? "Kuya naman ba't mo ako sinama dito?" - mee "sorry sis, her mother wants to meet you too" - Kuya hay nako para lang naman kaming naglaro. "ehh bakit?" - mee "basta" -kuya Chapter6 Sa sobrang kainisan ko ,puro strike yung pins haha panalo ako may pustahan kami ni Kuya pag panalo ako, aalis na ako:P "oh pano ba yan Kuya aalis na ako" - mee "too late sis, andito na sila" - Kuya huwattt??? ansaveh? Hi Nathan" - Lea "oh buti naman sumama ka Ashie! nice to see you!" - Lea sabay hug oh hi Natasha" – Loki sabay smile nakipag smile na rin akoo. may dumating, ang gandang babae "oh hi! you must be Nathan Jake Cameron right?" - sabi nung magandang babae "uh yes po" - kuya 'I'm Kara Lewis Fernandez Mother of Lea" wow ang ganda naman ng mami ni ate Lea katabi ko si kuya. kakahiya "oh hi! you must be Natasha Julie Ann Cameron right?" "ahh, yes po" - me.. nahihiya oh ,my son talks o-" "ma!!" - Loki "oh.. okay you can call me tita KAra" - tita Kara nag smile lang ako, ang baet di tulad ng anak niyang si Loki, ang sunget, paminsan mabait so ayon nag-usap sila nila Kuya habang ako nag bo-bowling parin. strike wohoo! "nice game!" - Loki "ehe! care mo?" - me "sus. wala ka pa sa kalingkingan ko noh" - loki. ang yabang! "ay sus!! ang yabang, let's see what you're saying Engot!" meehinagis ko sakanya yung bola na sobrang bigat, haha "aray!" Loki "prove it!" - mee "anong reward ko kung ako ang mananalo?" -Loki "ewan ko sayo!" - mee ano nga ba? hmff "uhm, sige pag nanalo......

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...still sends me corny little notes in the mail: So you won’t forget me. You couldn’t think of anybody worse to screw than Magda. Anyway I won’t bore you with what happens after she finds out. The begging, the crawling over glass, the crying. Let’s just say that after two weeks of this, of my driving out to her house, sending her letters, and calling her at all hours of the night, we put it back together. Didn’t mean I ever ate with her family again or that her girlfriends were celebrating. Those cabronas, they were like, No, jamás, never. Even Magda wasn’t too hot on the rapprochement at first, but I had the momentum of the past on my side. When she asked me, Why don’t you leave me alone? I told her the truth: It’s because I love you, mami. I know this sounds like a load of doo-doo, but it’s true: Magda’s my heart. I didn’t want her to leave me; I wasn’t about to start looking for a girlfriend because I’d fucked up one lousy time. Don’t think it was a cakewalk, because it wasn’t. Magda’s stubborn; back when we first started dating, she said she wouldn’t sleep with me until we’d been together at least a month, and homegirl stuck to it, no matter how hard I tried to get into her knickknacks. She’s sensitive, too. Takes to hurt the way water takes to paper. You can’t imagine how many times she asked (especially after we finished fucking), Were you ever going to tell me? This and Why? were her favorite questions. My favorite answers were Yes and It was a stupid mistake. I......

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...sime ne 18 nentor 1997 vendi sikur u qetesua disi. Bej shaka, une s’ndikova fare. :) Une isha femija e pare ne familjen time. Mami im ishte shume e bukur e re dhe si shpirte, babi gjithashtu , dhe vazhdojne te jene. Une isha shume e kuqe me tipare te bardha sy bojeqielli dhe pak e shemtuar, gjithsesi isha bebe. Ne moshen nje vjecare me prinderit e mi shkuam ne Greqi. Sipas historive qe me tregon mami , sepse une nuk mbaj mend shume gjera, u ambientova shume shpejte madje mesova rrjedhshem greqishten. Tani nuk mund te them asnje fjale. Pas dy vjetesh qendrimi atje u kthyem ne Shqiperi . Kur u ktheva ketu gjeja qe kisha me shume qef ishte te shkoja nga gjyshja nga ana e mamit. Me kujtohen shume mire ato mbasdite te gezueshme kur nena ime me mbante prej dore dhe me shetiste neper parqet e qytetit. Tezja ime me e madhe me donte shume fare edhe une e doja shume shume ,madje vazhdoje ta dua. Ne ato kohe rreth viteve 2000 ajo ishte studente ne Tirane ,por per te me bere mua qefin kursente leket nga ushqimin dhe me blinte lodra. Dhe si te gjithe femijet qe i duan shume lodrat edhe une i doja , por me shume dhuruesin e tyre. Kur isha kater vjece lindi Juxhini, vellai im. Ne fillim isha shume xheloze pasi mamin e doja vetem per vete , edhe vellain e doja ,por me kushtin qe te mos ma merrte mamin. Kur u bera per ne klase te pare me ne fund e kuptova qe mami ishte e te dyve dhe nuk do te ma merrte njeri. Ne klasen e pare rashe me mesuese V. Lloshin dhe 16 nxenes te tjere. Ishte......

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Mami Wata

...Literature Review 1. Mami Wata Mami Wata is portrayed in many visual forms sometimes depicted as female or male. Her images forms the image of goddess sometimes portrayed as holding serpents and other forms of cultural figures. The Nigerian cultural tale starts with Mami Wata as a daughter to Yemaja. She takes the form of mermaid and her tales predominantly surround coastal areas. Her tales are mainly religious and she people accuse her of playing part in many sea associated calamities and tragedies including abductions when people are swimming, sinking ship, storms and other forms of water catastrophic events. Although she depicts in visual form as human, she is believed to be a spirit of the underwater and her abductions lay basis that her survivors tend to come back wealthier and in better status than they left. Her visualization mostly comes with a serpent wrapping around her bosom; between her breasts. People believe that sometimes she passes through marketplaces in the figure of a complete human. Mami Wata takes form of a superstitious being with string powers and negative personality attributes. Nigerians believe that she has the power to make people sick and that only she can take away these particular ailments. People blame Mami Wata for all kinds of body diseases and conditions. Barren women blame her for her ability to make people infertile. People also believe that Mami Wata has the ability to cure these sicknesses and also has the ability to make women......

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The Fiesta

...just prior to the end that the mother of the protagonist senses there is something wrong, though no confession is brought to fruition our protagonist is left lamenting as to his decision to not reveal his knowledge. Thinking that to be the end of it, the reader is left to interpret their own meaning when left with these final words: In the darkness, I saw that Papi had a hand on Mami’s knee and that the two of them were quiet and still. They weren’t slumped back or anything; they were both wide awake, buckled into their seats. I couldn’t see either of their faces and no matter how hard I tried, I could not imagine their expressions. Every now and then the van was filled with the bright rush of somebody else’s headlights. Finally I said, Mami, and they both looked back, already knowing what was happening. (Diaz/Fiesta, 1980, pg. 159) Of course, he could have just been saying he needed to puke. I could be reading too far into it....

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...can twerk it how you want I ain’t gunna call you Miley Im loving me some you Started from the bottom baby Then you went and blossomed Cause I luh ya pussy I didn’t know it but I know it now Think I need you and I need you now Aint had none like you in a while I Luh Ya Pussy, I Luh Ya Pussy I Luh Ya, Luh Ya, Luh Ya, Luh Ya Pussy 3x Yeah That’s My Coochie I luh ya, luh ya, luh ya, luh ya pussy [French Montana:] I love you, mami, I-I love you, mami Baby, you the shit, I-I love you, mami Shorty got me catching feelings And that rave drop reaching for the ceiling Southside Bronx, Teterboro, just overseas Take the pants out here, drop to her knees Oh my, I'm a don like Omar Speed it up slow ma, throw it back, throw my Rock-rock Gators like my Detroit players You can hate to love us, you can love to hate us From the bottom it been real From the bottom shorty been trill And even though we made it to the top Still J.Lo from the-the the block Ey, I love you, mami, I love you, mami Baby, you the shit, I-I love you, mami I think I love just who you are We haven't grown apart This is just the start. Where life begins, all the way to the end And we started as friends, boy I do love [x2:] I luh ya pussy, I luh ya pussy I luh ya luh ya luh ya pussy I luh ya pussy I luh ya luh ya luh ya pussy I luh ya pussy I luh ya luh ya luh ya pussy Yeah that my coochie I luh ya luh ya luh ya pussy...

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...Understanding Restaurant Cash Flow Cash flow is the amount of cash coming in versus the amount of cash going out of your business on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. If you don’t understand this basic concept of restaurant finances, you put yourself at great financial risk. The Cafe properly budgets for upcoming expenses such as utilities and food orders. They don't rely on credit for more than a week from suppliers to buy food. This will help prevent them from over buying food and spending more cash than they need to. 3. Keeping Payroll Under Control Restaurants and Cafes need enough staff to give excellent customer service, but they don’t want to over staff. Overstaffing creates two problems- you pay more and servers make less in tips. So Cafe Mamis constantly refers to their daily business reviews from previous years to help the kanage staff accordingly. They also have a clear policy about staff asking before switching shifts which can reduce the potential for overtime. 4. Taking Simple Steps to Save Money Everyday While there are several big ticket ways to save money at your restaurant- such as investing in energy efficient appliances, there are plenty of cheaper ways to save money everyday. The Cafe uses energy efficient light bulbs and installed low flow faucets which are inexpensive ways to save money over the long run. They also keep inventory low and updating their menu (making sure food cost is correct, getting rid of items that don’t sell)....

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Hip Hop

...example of women’s bodies were exploited in hip hop culture. Also Rivera’s article Butta Pecan Mamis is another great article explaining the exploitation of women’s body through hip hop. In the movie “Boyz in the Hood” women and their bodies were exploited during a lot of parts in the movie. Doughboy who was played by Ice Cube was one of the main people to exploit women and their bodies. When he just got out of jail his mother threw him a welcome back party and everyone in the neighborhood was there. All of the guys would be on one side and the girls on the other, but the men would talk about them saying what they would do to them if they had the chance. Or who gets more “bitches” than the other as if they are not people, instead they are treated like trophies. Doughboy proceeds to call them bitches and hoes throughout the whole movie. This is why a lot of men in real life treat women like this , because they see their favorite rappers in movies or in music videos doing whatever they want with women’s bodies and they act like it normal behavior. Most of these hip hop artists know that they can be influencing the youth in a negative way towards women but simply don’t care, and that’s a big problem even today. In Rivera’s article “Butta Pecan Mamis” it’s mainly direct this towards the Puerto Rican women and Caribbean Latinos by their rich golden skin hence the word “Butta Pecan Mamis”. They are known to have big butts also so this is a huge deal for hip hop artists,......

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Management of Working Capital Case Study to purchase the business from someone else and buy additional inventory. The bank found that they needed to make a capital investment in George’s Trains. The building for the shop was owned by someone who wanted to terminate the lease but George was able to buy the building for himself. He did not want to lose his customers that he had acquired while at this shop. To get this loan from the bank, George needed to make sure he was watching his spending in order to maintain the loan. ” A small business person today can find not only someone willing to lend, but a lender who at once is efficient, knowledgeable, generous, supportive, protective, patient, accessible, instructive, reasonably priced, and an active small business advocate.” (Mamis, 1996) When George found out that the main product, Lionel Trains dropped, he needed to stock new product lines in order to keep his business going. He found that people wanted to get smaller trains to keep in their smaller homes, so he was able to follow the trend in order to stay in business. “Common pitfalls and several emerging practice problems are addressed. Audit issues include a lack of professional competence, a lack of integrity, and a receivable from an owner that increases equity. Compilation and review issues include accruing income taxes for a C corporation, monthly write-up work, and cash overdrafts.” (Sharp, 2003) Some issues that George may find that can cause pitfalls in his business are the inventory should be......

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Compare and Contrast: Mountains Beyond Mountains

...fell very ill. He spent two weeks in Brigham Hospital. Doctors worried he was going to need a liver transplant. Even when he was in the hospital, he had to call Socios en Salud and Zanmi Lasante to give drug procurements. PIH would not survive without Farmer’s skill and humility; his passion is demonstrated with his illness and interactions with patients. Dr. Farmer’s extensive humanitarian work brings him lots of joy. His career in medicine and anthropology is more than a job for him, it is his life. His love for his work with PIH is shown by how he interacts with patients. When an older woman comes to the Zanmi Lasante clinic, “Farmer stands when sheenters, greeting her as mami mwen ‘my mother.’ He bends down, practically kneeling, and she kisses him on one cheek, then the other” (Kidder, 26). Mami mwen is sick with Pott’s disease, but she went too long without treatment and can never be cured. She comes to see Farmer for company. A sick patient going to the doctor for company is unheard of. Farmer’s patients are his friends and family. He doesn’t sleep with a good conscience knowing there are people sick and sleeping on dirt floors while he is healthy and in a bed. Haiti’s Zanmi Lasante treated patients of all ages; Peru’s Socios en Salud had a children’s hospital which caused a sway of doctor patient relationships. Prior to Jim Kim establishing Socios en Salud, the World Health Organization (WHO) instilled care in Peru for those with tuberculosis. Once Socios opened......

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Drown by Diaz

...University.” As an immigrant, I believe every individual immigrant has his own stories of pains and joys, fears and victories, in respect to ups and downs of life. This book captures the intensity and separation of Dominican immigrants. Diaz presents the picture of youth swimming in poverty and absent father along with the struggle for immigrants to new culture and world. Due to immigration of Papi, Mami is the only one to bear the burden of whole family and responsible for bringing up children. The issue of immigration was discussed with relation of financial and emotional issues. In story “Aguantando” where Diaz presented the situation of family, Yunior was the part of family where almost everything was damaged with stains of leaking roof even Mami’s Bible. Yet it was clear how Mami saved Papi’s picture in sandwich bag. Poverty was big issue to fight with, as Yunior said “We didn’t eat rocks but we didn’t eat meat or beans, either. Almost everything thing on our plates was boiled: boiled yuca, boiled platano……” (70). Because of these poor conditions Yunior showed how Mami was working long hour shifts. Besides in story “How to date a Browngirl…. ‘clear the government cheese from refrigerator” (143) was also the symbol of poverty not only in Dominican but also in States. The symbol of absent father presented the responsibility of being poor in more than one story. After that Diaz discussed about the obese in America in sense of observing the richness of Americans in......

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Process Recording

...point at him. | “You are going to write sentences, one page for cutting Rosaura’s hair AND you are not using your Kindle for a whole week because you lied to me!” | Disbelieve, sadness, and frustration all flash, for brief moments, on his face. | “But mami, I promise I wont do it again, I hate sentences.” | NT: Disapproval | Ineffective: By issuing out a punishment he has become defensive and begins to plea and whine. | Satisfaction emerges on my face, victory. | “And if you ever lie to me again I will return the Kindle back to your Tia so that she can take it back to the store.” | He shakes his head in disagreement. | “But my Kindle, Tia gave it to me for Christmas!” | NT: Disapproval. Defensive. | Ineffective: I knew he was upset about not being able to use his Kindle, I could of simple stated that I would not be so tolerant next time. | There is a stern look on my face now, almost angry. I am not going to argue with him. | “I don’t care, I told you and your Tia that the only reason I was allowing her to give you a Kindle was for educational purposes, I can take it away from you if you lie to me again!” | He is looking at me with a sad look, his eyes plea for mercy. He is now sobbing. | “I won’t, I promise mami, don’t give the Kindle back to my Tia.” | T: FocusingNT: Arguing, aggressive response. | Effective: He understands my reason for taking away his Kindle. Ineffective: “I don’t care” should have been left out; I do not want to make him feel......

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Judical System in Kazakhstan

... and judges. Chairperson, chairpersons of collegiums and judges of Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan are elected by Senate upon recommendation of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Chairpersons of regional and similar courts, chairpersons of their collegiums and judges are appointed by President of the Republic upon recommendation of Supreme Judicial Board of the Republic. The Supreme Court bodies are: Oversight Collegium, Collegium for Civil Cases, Collegium for Criminal Cases, Plenary Session of the Court. Chairperson of Supreme Court: Mami Kairat Abdrazakuly List of chairmen This section lists the chairmen of the Supreme Court since the establishment of the Republic of Kazakhstan: 1. Tamas Aitmukhambetov (1992–1993). 2. Mikhail Fedorovich Malakhov (1993–1996) 3. Maksut Narikbaev (1996–2000 ) 4. Kairat Mami (2000–2009). 5. Musabek Alimbekov (2009–2011) 6. Kairat Mami (currently) References: 1) Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, retrieved 2011-04-20 2) "The Judicial System and Dispute Resolution", Baker & McKenzie, 2010 3) Становление и развитие судебной системы в Республике Казахстан, Daumov Daurenbek, retrieved 2011-04-26 4) О судах и статусе судей в Республике Казакхстан, Указ Президента,retrieved 2011-04-26 5) "Председателю Верховного Суда Казахстана рекомендовано подать в отставку", Tashkinbaev, Renat< retrieved 2011-04-20 6) "President reshuffles Kazakh law......

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...alley between our bedroom window and the wall of the next building was so narrow that I stretched over to touch the bricks and left my mark on the greasy soot that covered them” (Santiago 6). These are the problems Esmeralda and her family are facing when coming to America and that goes for other immigrants as well because of their economic status. Usually, people who migrate don’t have a great deal of money to help them be comfortable in their new living conditions. “Tata and Don Julio went into her room and drew the curtain that separated their part of the apartment from ours” (13). “It’s time for bed… Delsa and I on the top bunk, Norma and Alicia on the bottom, Hector on the sofa, Raymond in the upholstered chairs pushed together, Edna and Mami in the double bed” (13). Because of her family’s economic status, and with the minimum work her mother and grandmother have, they are forced to live like this and it’s challenging for her because she wants a change in her life that’s different from her life in Puerto Rico. Socioeconomic status has many meanings and one of them has to deal with income and social status in the community. Esmeralda is financially challenged in that she can’t do what she wants or have what she wants; she can only have what she needs. “Children in immigrant families also have limited health insurance” (Clark and King 293). It’s troubling to hear that children have limited health insurance. There are a majority of families, not just immigrant families,......

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