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Mama Bear Case Analysis

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I. VIEWPOINT: Vice-President Production

II. TIME CONTEXT: Upon appointment of Mr. Roberto Cruz as the new Shop Manager III. PROBLEM STATEMENT
Delay in delivery of finished goods

To zero backlog by end of the third month.


 Producer of top quality steel products
 Largest producer of fabricated steel products
 Majority of workers are within nearby district
 Management is responsive to the problems in the organization
 Management are open to appoint employees to open position(s) within the organization (vertical movement/lateral movement)

 Shortage of skilled manpower
 Workers constantly violating company rules
 Damaged reputation with clients due to late delivery
 High cost of operational expenses due to excessive overtime pays and payment of penalty for undelivered items
 Poor planning and coordination
 No back-up plan
 Possibility of going chapter 11
 Inaccurate estimates and targets
 Discipline problem
 Shifting and work schedule
 Some of the middle management lacked sufficient “management experience”

 Arrival of new technologies that would fast track the fabrication of steel products
 New partnerships or mergers with local and international firms
 Innovative product variations
 Export of services & products
 Skills Training School (accreditation to TESDA)

 Emergence of substitute products
 Increase in price of raw materials
 New competition
 Government-mandated increase in labor wages
 Expansion of competitors

Sourcing of Sub-Contractor VP Production, Admin, Finance, GM, OM, Shop Manager & E&R Manager 3rd day – PM Board Room Identify which part of the process, volume and estimated cost should be subcontracted. Admin should…...

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