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Major Challenges Affecting a Human Resource Manager

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challenges of hrm manager

Human resources managers have three aspects of responsibility to the organizations that employ them. Unlike other departmental managers whose responsibilities focus on running their departments and respective teams of employees, HR managers are responsible for the HR department functions, supervising the HR staff and ensuring that the organization's entire workforce is cohesive, engaged and productive.

Ever-expanding legal considerations, legislation and federal and state laws make compliance an important aspect of running an HR department and determining the extent to which certain laws apply to each workplace. One of the challenges that HR managers face includes staying abreast of the changes and ensuring that the department's strategy coincides with its legal obligations. For example, the Affordable Care Act contains health care reforms that have a serious impact on the way some employers will provide coverage for their employees. The act requires many employers to calculate and report the dollar value of health benefits for employees on their W-2s, according to Ted Lewkowicz, a lawyer who specializes in employee benefits and tax law. In an August 2012 column for HR Specialist, Lewkowicz reminds HR professionals that they're responsible for ensuring that their companies adapt to the changes that the ACA brings. Compliance-related issues require collaboration among HR leadership, compensation and benefits specialists and HRIS, or human resource information systems, specialists. If HR managers drop the ball related to compliance, they put the organization in serious jeopardy.

Improving employees' and leadership's perception of HR is a challenge HR managers have faced since around the 1980s, when human resources began its evolution from an administrative role to a more substantive one. Personnel…...

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