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Becoming a Man
“Both father and mother want their boy to grow up to manly”. Parents always expect their male sons to become strong man. Every family needs a macho in their family. Mother and father would prepare their male son to be a macho. This can start with some simple game when they are kids. As they star to grow up they have games that no depend on seeing who is the strongest of them all. As they start growing the game starts to become more extreme. The games now consist of who drinks the most beer and seeing which man can sleep with most women. This all done so the man can be called a macho. The word macho has been interpreted to be a strong man that is not afraid of the world and is the man in charged of his house. Macho who will be able to stand up for his family and protect them from everyone and everything no matter what. A kid who is not a macho is not considered a full man. This is why every kid wanted to be like their father.
A few years ago I saw how a father starts make his son into a macho. My brother used to play with my sister and me this was something unusual. Most male kids don’t like playing with their sister. This is because kid are raced that women only do things with women and men are not supposed to get involved. The day my brother turned 9 years old my dad started to be different with him. My dad would take him to work. My dad owned a mechanic shop this is where my bother would work. He would work ten to twelve everyday like a normal worker. When he got home my dad made my mom or sisters serve him food. This something my mother would do every day and now my brother was part of it. Everything in the house was changing. My brother no longer played with us and now he was making us his slaves. He was trying to show my dad that he could control women and that he was starting to become a macho. For my brother being a macho was making women…...

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