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Table of contents Introduction 12 Body 13 3.1 Explain the purpose and nature of budgeting process which should normally be taken in the preparation of budgets for Glentruan Furniture Ltd. 13 Budget 13 Purpose and nature of budget 15 Purpose 15 Nature 15 3.2 Select appropriate budgeting methods for new product line and its need. 16 Incremental budget 16 Zero based budget 16 Different between zero based budgeting and incremental budget 16 Fixed budget 17 Flexible budget 17 Different between fixed and flexible budget 17 Functional budget 18 Sales budget 18 Production budget 18 Direct material usage budget 18 Direct material purchase budget 18 Direct labor budget 18 Factory overhead budget 18 Selling and administration budget 18 Cash budget 19 Master budget 19 3.3 Prepare budgets according to the chosen budgeting methods based on the given information in the scenario. 20 Sales budget 20 Production budget 22 Direct material usage budget 23 Direct material purchase budget 26 Direct labor budget 28 Factory overhead budget 30 Selling and administration budget 34 Departmental budget 35 3.4 Also prepare a cash budget. 38 Cash budget 38 Master budget 42 Budgeted profit and loss 42 Budgeted balance sheet 43 Final review 46 Budget committee 47 Working capital 47 Liquidity ratio 47 ROCE 47 4.1 Calculate variances, identify possible causes and recommend corrective action. 48 4.2 Prepare and operating statement reconciling budgeted and actual results. 55 Operating Statement 55 Profit and loss statement 56 4.3 Write a memo and report findings to management in accordance with identified responsibility centers based on the above findings. 58 Cost center 59 Revenue center 59 Profit center 59 Investment center 59 Memo 60 Report 61 Conclusion 66 References 67 Appendix 69…...

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