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M1 Assess the Implications of Health, Safety and Security Legislation and Regulations for a Business Role in a Workplace Environment.

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Describe how two businesses are organised


For the previous assignments I had to look in to research two completely different businesses, these businesses are; Manchester United (PLC) and Islamic Relief (Registered Charity). Now within this assignment I am going to be analysing and describing how both of the businesses are organised, and how they are both, structured.

We went to Old Trafford, on Wednesday 7th October and we were taken on a short tour of football stadium and also took part in an education lecture which included a question and answer session with the Educational Officer at Manchester United. The educational lecture and the question and answer session was provided for us to help us with our business work. (Unit 1: The Business Environment) This helped us, by answering some of the questions that would have been asked in the later assignments.

A visitor had come, from Islamic Relief to tell us about the charity that helps millions around the world. I also gained information and knowledge regarding this business. It was fascinating to find out the difference between the registered charity and the football club. This was because I think it’s amazing how two different businesses can achieve different aims and objectives, yet they both can be so successful.

The two businesses have different organisational structures, an organisational structure is designed and created to, divide up the work that needs to be completed thus making it easier to complete. It is used to establish control and communication; for example, dealing with retailers to organise suppliers to shops and cafés. There are different types of organisational structures, these include; Function, Geographical Area, Product Group, Type of Customer

Function- The organisational structure determines how the business is operated. This is a separate part of an organisation…...

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