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A Brief Profile

Vision & Values

Passionately innovate to make life comfortable and efficient.

Customer Delight through Innovation & Passion with focus on Execution and Team-work.

More than 24 years of history
ISO 50001:2001 rating and MNRE:CRISIL Recognition

Luminous awarded Superbrand status

Luminous - Schneider JV

1st Manufacturing facility outside India (Lang Ming, China)

Preparation Inception
1988 Company founded by Rakesh Malhotra with 3 people 1994 First UPS got manufactured

Got industry leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan

Tie-up with Hyundai, Formation of Hyundai Power Products

Tie-up for Battery Technology with Eagle Pitcher Inc. USA

1991 First inverter rolled out

First Battery Manufacturing plant came into existence

First Luminous product got exported




Luminous in brief

5,000+ People


R&D resources

Sales Offices

Business Overview
Luminous Group

Power Back-up Devices
• Home UPS • Line Interactive / Online UPS

Power Storage (Batteries)
• Inverter Batteries • Automotive Batteries • Solar Batteries • Traction Batteries • VRLA Batteries • Telecom Batteries

Electrical Products
• Life Style Portfolio o o Fans Electrical Wiring Accessories Final Distribution Products Wires & Cables

Enterprise Business
• Managed Service Business • Projects for data center setup Other Project

Renewable Energy Solutions
• Wind Project • Solar Project • Hybrid Project

• Diesel Generator sets
• Solar Panels • Solar Home Lighting Systems • Solar Charge Controller • Solar Lantern

• Safety Portfolio o


Established Businesses Emerging Businesses

Power Back-Up Devices
• Home UPS - Very little maintenance, powerful performance and all-round protection makes this product series a value for money investment Line Interactive/ Online UPS Systems - highly compact power packed UPS systems offer the best and most reliable solutions

Diesel Generator Sets - Powered by “Lombardini for 5 KVA” & “Escorts for 15-40 KVA” engines
Solar Offerings - Specially designed for harvesting maximum solar energy and are easy on the pocket too EMBU

Power Storage (Batteries)
• • Inverter Batteries - Long life, low maintenance, super efficient batteries Automotive Battery - Revolutionary AGCA technology – 80% lower fluid loss, 3 times lower self discharge, 1.5 times service life. Weather-proof PPCP container and cover assure maximum reserve electrolyte capacity Solar Batteries - Reliable, consistent and low maintenance power for renewable energy requirements Traction Battery - High performance, High reliability and High energy density VRLA Batteries - Deep Cycle SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free)/ VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries for back-up applications

• •

Home Electrical Products
• Wires and cables – Luminous guarantees safe home by providing protection at supply & ensuring fire proof distribution of electricity. Safety at supply is ensured through reliable Luminous MCB & Distribution Board Fans – Latest technique ensuring maximum wind circulation consuming minimum voltage Modular Switches, MCBs & RCCBs – Attractive design, Simple and robust operating mechanism Cracker – 45W Inverter for energy saving bulbs (CFL), built-in 12 V SMF battery and advanced safety features

Enterprise Business

• Projects for Data Center Setup - Conditioned Power (AC & DC), Power Distribution, Rack & Accessories, Network & Cabling, Precision Cooling, Security & Monitoring

• Managed Services Business - Site Health Check/ Survey, Solution Offering & Deployment, Operation & Maintenance

Renewable Energy Solutions
• Wind - An array of wind turbines ranging from 400 W to 2400 W, Light weight, Superior Technology • Solar - State-of-the-art Solar Panels, Controllers and Modules • Hybrid Solutions - Off Grid & Grid Connected wind solar & wind solar diesel intelligent hybrid power plants

Associated Brands

Summary - Group Strengths

Manufacturing Distribution Brand

Technology R&D Service Set-up

Brand Ambassador


 7 Manufacturing Facilities in India  Luminous has the India's largest home UPS and line interactive/ online UPS manufacturing facilities  Luminous is amongst the world's most focused manufacturers of Deep Cycle Flooded Batteries  Relentless focus on process control and product testing leading to swift improvement in life cycle
Pune 1 site (LRES)

Light Go-To-Market
Gagret 5 sites (LPT, LTI) Baddi 1 site (LPT)

Manufacturing Footprint

Sales & Distribution

 Sales force comprising over 300 personnel
 40000+ retail partners across India  Loyal, dedicated and result oriented channel partner base  Vast knowledge base in power back up industry due to 24 year long heritage of success and dominance  Extended experience of handling nation wide distribution network across India

Presence – Pan India
EAST NORTH Distributors – 538 Dealers – 19611 Distributors – 221 Dealers – 8910


SOUTH Distributors – 403 Dealers – 4756

Distributors – 170 Dealers – 7756

 The brand stands for Reliability, Consistency, Longevity, Highest sense of Integrity*. Our tag line clearly highlights the USP of Brand Luminous – Jis Pe Desh Kare Bharosa (Trusted by the whole nation)  Luminous enjoys a great deal of Brand Equity among the consumers due to its persistence and consumer oriented approach

 Unparalleled brand journey as compared to its competitors
 Bigger spend on point of purchase and BTL activities  Stayed committed to cricket and sports through various engagement (Since India tour of Pakistan in 2004)  Celebrity association to reinforce core brand values
* Source : Independent Research done by Dristhi Strategic Research

Leveraging Cricket
Luminous Ghar Ka Chirag Initiative

ICL Association

IPL Association

Enormous PR Mileage

Huge Media Coverage

Local activities, Packaging, Glass Doors and Cut outs

Dealer Incentive Scheme

Making the most of the association

Lotte Super Skills London

Kick-starting the Indian Cricket League

Press Ads, Dealer Signage's, Co – laterals

Leveraging Cricket
Live Presence Our Brand Ambassador

And Sachin Tendulkar…

Branding during Live matches

“An immensely popular sports icon, reinforces the core values of Brand Luminous - Reliability, Consistency, Longevity and Highest Standards of Integrity.”

 Our Battery R&D team is headed by an American CTO with over 40 years of experience in battery industry

 Best Deep Cycle Flooded Lead Acid Battery Technology developed along with Eagle-Picher Inc, USA, a global leader in long life battery technology
 Technology for manufacturing Lead Calcium Long Life Deep Cycle VRLA Batteries for UPS & EPS applications, developed together with EaglePicher Inc, USA

 Government (DSIR) Certified R&D Centre

 Advanced R&D facility with 15 Engineers and 27 technicians, lead by a dynamic personality who holds a Ph.D. and has 21+ years of experience in the field of power electronics  Highly Sophisticated Equipments - “Agilent” make DSO (Digital storage oscilloscope), “Yokogawa” powered analyzers, “Chroma” AC-DC Electronic Load, Environmental Temperature chamber, Digital data loggers, Precision multi meters, Digital venires, Screw gauges etc.  Biggest In House Battery Lab facilities: Battery charging & discharging algorithms validation & life cycle testing of all kind of batteries

 In house Design Team: PCB Design (using latest design software with simulation) headed by design engineer with an experience of 10 years.  DSP Lab facilities: Software development centre with four engineers headed by an engineer with 15+ year experience  Mechanical Design Team: Develops all aesthetic designs using Auto-CAD & Solid works software, tool designing for enclosures including plastic molding  Independent validation Team: 7-engineers & technicians who continuously engage in validating comparison with competitors

Service Setup

       

Pan India Network Service centres in 58 cities Service presence in 214 cities Door step service facility for consumers 24 Hours response time Direct service from Company Trained Professionals Highly affordable 24X7 call facility

 Most rigorous quality checks across industry with multiple cycles to ensure flawless functioning of the final product  Quality standards being maintained through out the product categories ranging from power back up devices, batteries to home electrical products, project business to renewable energy solutions

Our Quality Systems…
 Quality systems as per ISO 50001:2011, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004  IEC 62040 and 60950 compliant products  SONCAP & CE certified products

Awards & Recognition
Luminous Brand Award - Winner of “Consumer World Award” for consecutive FOUR years in the inverter category in India Market Penetration Leadership Award Received “Frost & Sullivan Market Penetration Leadership Award in Asia Pacific for DC-AC Inverters in non-renewable energy markets” Quality Brands Award 2012 – 2014 & Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award “Awarded to Luminous Based on Industrial Field Survey by National Organization for Commerce & Industry” SME Channel Connect & Achievers Awards 2012 – Received in ‘Best Home UPS’ & ‘Best Inverter Battery Categories

Consumer Superbrand Winner of “Consumer Superbrand” status in the inverter and inverter battery category for the year 2011/12

MNRE CRISIL : Solar Grading Luminous has been awarded with the MNRE CRISIL SP 1A Grade for its capability as a system integrator in the Photovoltaic segment. The grading is valid till 25th April 2014.

Best Power Back-up Solution Provider Company –Awarded to Luminous based on the study conducted by VAR India - a leading publication house

Internal Use Only…...

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