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Demonstration Lesson Plan in
English Grade 7

Prepared by:
Pre-Service Teacher

Cooperating Teacher: MRS. ABELA F. ALVIS
Cooperating School: THE GREAT PLEBEIAN COLLEGE (High School Department)
Pre-Service Teaching Supervisor: MR. FEDERICO A. LOPEZ SR., MAEd
Dean, College of Teacher Education

1st semester
A. Y 2015-2016

Demonstration Lesson Plan in English
Grade 7 Luna
At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
a. Arrange chronologically the events in the story;
b. Describe the main character in the selection;
c. Relate the story in real-life situation and
d. Give the theme and moral lesson of the story.
A. Topic: Princess Urduja ( Short Story)
B. Reference: English Communication Arts and Skills through Philippine Literature by Lapid and Serrano,pp.119-122
C. Instructional Materials: textbook, chalk and chalk board, visual aids, pictures of famous and powerful Filipino women leaders, video, projector, speakers and slide presentation.
D. Values: Leadership Women Empowerment Critical Thinking
A. Preliminary Activities
1. Prayer
2. Checking of Attendance
3. Passing of Assignment
4. Short Recall
 Ask the students the following questions:
a. What are the common purposes of writing?
b. Define paragraph.
c. Enumerate the two basic features of a paragraph.
5. Motivation
 Post the improvised briefcases which contain the pictures of famous and powerful Filipino women leaders who have great contribution to our country.
 Call on volunteer students to choose a briefcase.
 Open the briefcase and let them identify each photo. Then, ask them to give a short description and information about the person.…...

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