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1) Rewrite the scene from the point of view of either a compassionate, or an unsympathetic, viewer of Hester’s disgrace.
I could see her arrive and I was striked by her beauty. She was gorgeous and perfect. I started taking her side but I knew she was the son of the devil and she’s a manipulator. I couldn’t wait for the reverend to humiliate her. She needs to die and fast. What she did was a sin and therefore, she isn’t worth to keep alive. I screamed for her to give us the name of the person she sinned with and was straight away followed by plenty of people. She didn’t give up and I was in anger. I wanted her to die even more painfully.
The reverend started to mentally torture her and that what she deserved. For hours he tried to purify her but she was too strong. The devil was deep into her. She was brought back into prison and I followed her as far as I could and after going into the prison, she looked over her shoulder and looked at me terrified.
2) How far do you enjoy reality show where candidates have to experience some degree of humiliation and/or relative suffering?
My opinion about reality shows is very bad. The fact that they putting young and naïve people on the TV to manipulate them as far as they can to humiliate them and make them look stupid is a crime itself.
An even worst fact is that people actually like watching it and are themselves manipulated without knowing it.
People shouldn’t be treated like that and manipulated in such a bad way for the organizers to make money on their back.…...

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