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Top ten mistakes companies make when measuring their CRM effectiveness: 十大誤區

• Lack of leadership support • Too much data • Knowing without acting

There are numerous CRM tools and effectiveness measures that are used by companies today. How can these tools and measures be grouped into separate and distinct categories that companies can measure their existing tools and measures against?

• The customers CRM Strategy Cycle containing measures dealing with acquisition收購, development, retention保留, and win back. Converting轉換 prospects前景 to customer; the development of closer bonds through measures of satisfaction, trust and loyalty; affecting purchase behavior measured by cross-sell and up-sell effectiveness; customer retention and defection measures; and win-back or regain measures. 包含與收購,發展,保留 處理的措施,並贏回。前景轉換為客戶的發展更緊密的通過措施的滿意度,信任度和忠誠度,影響購買行為的衡量交叉銷售和向上銷售的有效性;顧客保留和背叛措施;贏回或重獲措施。

• Company measures: efficiency, effectiveness, cost reduction and employee behavior. Measure of campaign effectiveness, campaign management, cost reduction, employee satisfaction, and retention保留 are all relevant here.
管理,降低成本,員工的滿意度和保留 所有與此有關。

• Marketing Research and Customer Knowledge. Customer information necessary in today's environment must be gathered though a variety of techniques including longitudinal studies縱向研究, ethnographic studies人種學研究, observation, buying cycle data, interaction 相互作用scores, critical incident scores, acquisition data, customer-branch relationship data, and models predicting customer retention and response rates.

b CRM effectiveness measures useable for each CRM

Effectiveness measures are grouped according to the following CRM…...

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