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Aldi has received Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award – Supermarkets for the third time in four years.
It is also the fourth consecutive year the discount supermarket chain has received a five star rating from the Australian public for offering value for money.
Of the other supermarkets mentioned in the study, Foodland received five star ratings for quality of products, customer service and accessibility of staff, layout of store, and freshness of fruit, vegetables and meat.
Coles earned top marks for quality of products, range of products, customer service and accessibility of staff, and layout of stores, and Woolworths saw five star ratings for range of products and layout of stores.
The Canstar Blue survey, of 2500 Australian adults, shows that 53 per cent are loyal to their supermarket.
Of those, 66 per cent cited familiarity with the store as the main reason for their loyalty, while 56 per cent said it was closest to their home and 53 per cent said they have a loyalty card and enjoy collecting reward points for their loyalty.
About a third of respondents (35 per cent) also said they prefer the products they buy there to any other supermarket.
Sixty five per cent of survey respondents believe their usual supermarket offers the best value for money, while 58 per cent find the quality of supermarket private label brands to be as good as the big brands and 46 per cent believe they could get their groceries cheaper at a different supermarket but prefer the convenience of the one they know best.

Seventy four per cent say it is important to them to buy locally produced food.
The Canstar Blue survey also asked respondents about their supermarket “pet peeves”. Topping the list was long queues at the checkouts (62 per cent), followed by desired items being sold out (52 per cent), self service machine errors (38 per cent), parents not controlling…...

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