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Article Review

This review critically reviews the article ‘The Views Of Primary and Preschool Education Teachers about Home Visiting’ by Pınar Bahçeli Kahraman and Meral Taner Derman which appeared in the Online Journal of Counselling and Education.
I will firstly summarise the article. Secondly, I will briefly analyse the article’s structure, investigating how the information is set out and whether the reader can access it efficiently. Thirdly, I will examine the article with my own experiences.
Article Summary
The purpose of the article was to investigate the views of primary school and preschool teachers about home visiting and the reasons of performing home visiting with respect to parental involvement. A survey form which was prepared by the researchers has been given to primary school and preschool teachers. Article Structure
The study involved 108 teachers. The data indicated that 39 teachers haven’t used home visiting before. %45 of teachers who have used home visiting preferred to learn the child’s home environment and life style. According to the findings, only 1 teacher stated that home visiting isn’t useful. Also, teachers who used home visiting stated that they encountered with positive reactions although 4 of them indicated that they encountered with negative reactions. This paper generally encourages teachers to do homevisits.Overall the article was well written, clear and relevant.
I think home visits by the teachers will guide the parents.They will learn about their children’s performance at school and help them if they have difficulties.I have a student who causes problems by disturbing the other students and not listening,while I am teaching,he always interrupts for a very simple reason.He often wants to go the bathroom.After reading this article,I have the idea of solving this problem by making a…...

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