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Lion in the White House

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Lion in the White House
Chapter 1 As a child Theodore Roosevelt Jr. suffered from asthma and was regularly taken to other states where the air allowed him to breath with ease. His father was his care taker due to his mother being very sick with headaches and stomach complications making her unable to care for him. He was very intrigued with nature and animals. His family called him Teedie; he was born into an upper-class family. His father was Republican while his mother was Democratic but his paternal instincts were very prominent within him.
Chapter 2 Roosevelt was the only one within the family to college degree. His health had improved tremendously and in return boosted his self-confidence. He took up boxing and became quite popular with the superior kids at Harvard. Roosevelt’s father died in 1878 due to peritonitis, but the family thought his death to be more of disappointment with himself for not reaching his goals in the Republican politics. His father’s death left him feeling shattered as if though he must feel his father’s shoes within the family. Theodore Roosevelt longed for a strong and independent wife, yet seemed to follow his father’s footsteps and married Alice Hathaway Lee, a woman much like his own mother.
Chapter 3 Theodore Roosevelt decided to enter politics because he felt it best suited him due to his personality and determination. His mentor was President Lincoln, as he wrote his speeches and literatures they mocked President Lincoln’s knowledge. He served three terms in Congress and Alice (his wife) passed away during the birth of his daughter. Theodore gave his daughter (Alice Lee) to his sister (Bamie) to raise in 1884. In 1886, Roosevelt was nominated for Mayor of New York City; coming in at third place he was devastated. He was appointed Civil Service Commissioner in 1889; during a two term period he made…...

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